A Close Look at the Lintong Coffee-making Center of North Sumatra

A Close Look at the Lintong Coffee-making Center of North Sumatra

A Close Look at the Lintong Coffee-making Center of North Sumatra

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  • On March 1, 2021
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The Lintong Coffee – Talking about coffee, Indonesia is a warehouse where famous coffee is located. Call it Aceh Gayo coffee, Garut, Bali Kintamani, Mandailing coffee, Toraja, and others. This includes one type of coffee in the southern part of Lake Toba, especially in Humbang Hasundutan Regency, North Sumatra, which is called Lintong coffee.


Original Lintong Coffee from North Sumatra

In this area, coffee has become a mandatory ritual for the surrounding community. It starts from gardening coffee, grinding it to brewing it which makes for an increase in enthusiasm for the area.

When Global Coffee Indo visited the area in early August, it was obvious that the green coffee plantation was blended with the shade of the forest there. The cool air in the area seems to encourage the residents to process coffee.

Excellence in the processing of Lintong Arabica Coffee from Sumatra

Coffee Residents In Humang Hasundutan

This potential has been seen by coffee residents in Humang Hasundutan since the early 2000s. One of them is Gani Silaban, a Lintong coffee farmer. When he finished college, he immediately decided to return home to become a coffee farmer. “I also created a coffee community with other coffee farmers,” he told Global Coffee Indo.

Initially, Gani was limited to being a coffee farmer and selling raw coffee beans aka green beans. But after seeing the lucrative margins for ready-to-sell coffee products, he started to venture into the coffee bean processing business.


Coffee Grinder Service Providers

Another player is Manat Samosir. Starting a business in the same year as Gani, Manat became interested in doing coffee business too. The difference is, Manat started his business as a coffee grinder service provider. After seeing that other players could do business as coffee suppliers, he began to explore the sector. “I was a coffee collector between 2003-2005,” he said.

Slowly but surely, the two coffee businessmen began to explore other sectors around the coffee production circle. Not just grinding coffee, but also making coffee products and selling them to the market.

To further optimize the business, Gani Silaban formed a cooperative containing coffee farmers in Nagasaribu Village under the name KSU POM Humbang. And there are around 80 coffee farmers who have joined.


Premium Sumatran Coffee Lintong Coffee

From this cooperative, the cooperative produces several original coffee products in Lintong Village, namely Premium Sumatra Lintong Coffee and Wild Luwak Sumatra Lintong Coffee. In a month, this cooperative is able to sell around 300 kilograms (kg) to 500 kilograms of Premium Sumatra Lintong coffee. The price per pack of coffee is Rp. 60,000 for a size of 250 grams. Meanwhile, Wild Luwak Sumatra Lintong coffee can be sold for 10 kg – 20 kg at a price of IDR 100,000 per pack (250 g).

Story of Lintong Nihuta Coffee Farmers Entering the US Market

Lintong Coffee For Sale via Amazon

Thanks to digital marketing via Amazon, Lintong Luwak coffee is well known in a number of countries in America, Europe, and Japan. Meanwhile, domestically, it has penetrated Java, Bali, and Papua.

Not wanting to be left behind, Manat Samosir also created a group of coffee farmers called Gapoktan Mutiara Kasih. He himself has also exported coffee beans between 3 tons and 5 tons per month and made various ready-to-eat products.


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By bringing quality Indonesian coffee beans to the global market, Global Coffee Indonesia is a part of the solution in promoting Indonesia commodities and community empowerment.



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