The character of coffee in Indonesia is known to the World

The character of coffee in Indonesia is known to the World

The character of coffee in Indonesia is known to the World

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  • On November 29, 2020
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The character of coffee in Indonesia is determined by the place of origin. The environment in which coffee grows will affect its aroma and taste. In Indonesia, there are many regions that produce Arabica coffee, and this type of coffee is produced worldwide, reaching 70 percent of all types of coffee.

Arabica coffee has superior quality because it is ideally grown at an altitude above 1000 meters above sea level. Meanwhile, under 1000 meters, Arabica cannot grow well. Indonesia benefits from many highlands and is in the tropics so that Arabica coffee can grow on fertile volcanic soil.

The Robusta coffee grows below an altitude of 1000 meters above sea level. But the taste of Robusta coffee cannot match Arabica. The caffeine content is also higher. If Arabica contains 1% caffeine, then Robusta contains 2% caffeine for each equal weight.

Gayo Coffee, the Best Original Indonesian Coffee in the World

Indonesia has various types of coffee

Indonesia has various types of Arabica and Robusta coffee, for example, Sumatran Lintong Arabica coffee, Mandailing, Aceh Gayo, Luwak coffee, Toraja, to Arabica Java. In general, the quality of coffee from one region is similar, and not much different when compared to beans from other regions.

However, when the coffee beans are burned and their aroma is released, then you can feel the difference and identity of the coffee beans based on the region. So that the taste of the coffee will differ according to the characteristics of the region of origin. And most coffee in Indonesia has the aroma of soil that has just been splashed by rainwater, but there are also those that smell like herbs or herbs.

Coffee characters from Indonesia

The difference in the character of coffee shows that coffee is a product that is very sensitive to the environment in which it is grown. What is planted around the coffee plant can affect its aroma. The quality of the coffee beans also determines the taste of the resulting coffee. Here are two characters that are contained in coffee beans and determine their quality:


Acidity or acidity is the character of coffee which gives a taste sensation on the edge of the tongue. A good coffee bean is determined by the level of acidity but at a low level. The acidity that is too high will actually make the resulting coffee dish too sour and not taste good.

The level of acidity of the coffee is determined by several factors, including where it is grown and where it is processed. If coffee grows in the highlands, it will make the coffee beans rich in volcanic minerals and make them highly acidic.

Meanwhile, from coffee bean processing, wet-processed coffee has a significantly higher acidity level than dry-processed coffee. The level of acidity of the coffee will also depend on the high roasting temperature, the type of roaster, and the cooking method.

Spread of Coffee in Indonesia and Imports of Coffee from Indonesia


The next determinant of coffee quality is body coffee. How to determine the body of coffee by leaving the coffee on the tongue and rubbing it against the roof of the mouth. The resulting feeling is what is called the body and ranges from mild to severe.

The coffee body is influenced by coffee roasting. Coffee that is roasted medium and dark will have a heavier body than lightly roasted coffee. Don’t forget to try and hopefully you will become a single-origin specialty arabica coffee drinker, so you can taste the acidity and body of each Arabica coffee.

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