Indonesia Imports The Best-Selling Coffee From 5 Countries

Indonesia Imports The Best-Selling Coffee From 5 Countries

Indonesia Imports The Best-Selling Coffee From 5 Countries

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  • On December 5, 2020
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Indonesia also imports coffee, you know. As you know, Indonesia is among the largest coffee bean producing countries in the world. Apart from that, Indonesia also exports its coffee beans to many countries.

Even so, Indonesia still imports coffee. The farmers who are members of the Sunda Hejo Farmers Association even asked President Joko Widodo to limit imported coffee entering Indonesia.

A lot of Arabica and robusta coffee produced outside Indonesia has sprung up on the market. Most of the imported coffee beans are used in coffee shops (coffee shops) as ingredients.

Gayo Coffee, the Best Original Indonesian Coffee in the World

Herein lies the problem. Coffee imports by business actors in Indonesia can damage the price of coffee beans among Indonesian farmers. Like it or not, Indonesian coffee farmers sell at competitive prices which ultimately reduce their profit margins. It is interesting to note, from which countries Indonesia imports coffee? Here is the review.


Indonesia imports coffee. This is a list of the countries that supply it

Recently, the Central Statistics Agency (BPS) released the latest data on foreign trade statistics related to imports. This report is a monthly publication of the BPS that presents import data from the number of imported commodities to their import value.

In the table of imports of certain commodities, we can clearly find out what commodities Indonesia imports. The following is data on coffee imports by Indonesia and its supply countries.


Coffee supply countriesVolume of coffee imports (kgValue of coffee imports
Vietnam3.280.801US$ 30.199.230
Brazil747.295US$ 7.203.883
Timor Leste1.403.890US$ 3.679.965
Malaysia400.736US$ 3.548.521
United States235.892US$ 1.268.225


This is added to other countries whose details are not known in detail. Of the others, coffee imports by Indonesia reached 312,486 kg with a value of US $ 4,426,732. In total, it means that the value of coffee imports by Indonesia reached US $ 50,326,556 or around Rp. 705 billion.

Vietnamese and Brazilian coffees are at the top of the list with the highest import volume. It is these Vietnamese and Brazilian coffee imports that many coffee farmers complain about. Coffee prices from these two countries are cheaper than local coffee which can disrupt the selling price of coffee in the market.


According to representatives of the Sundanese Hejo Farmers Association, the price of Indonesian coffee could be less competitive than outside coffee prices because many farmers in Indonesia still use conventional agricultural methods in producing coffee beans. Naturally, the selling price of local farmers’ coffee tends to be higher than the coffee selling price of the two countries.

Overview of Info about the Largest Coffee Plantation in Indonesia

Rows of countries with the largest coffee production in the world

Brazil and Vietnam are two countries that produce large amounts of coffee beans. The volume of coffee beans produced by the two countries is not half-hearted, making the two countries into the ranks of the largest coffee producing countries in the world.

From the data presented by Statista in 2019, the following is a list of countries with the largest coffee production in the world. What are the countries and how much capacity? Here is the review.


Coffee producing countriesProduction capacity (60 kg per bag)


So, that was information about coffee imports by Indonesia and the countries with the largest coffee production in the world. May be useful.

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