Delicious and Distinctive Java Preanger Arabica Coffee

Delicious and Distinctive Java Preanger Arabica Coffee

Delicious and Distinctive Java Preanger Arabica Coffee

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  • Preanger Arabica Coffee

Preanger Arabica Coffee – Java Preanger is the name for coffee originating from West Java which is taken from the Dutch language. Java Preanger Arabica coffee grows in 11 mountains in West Java, namely Mount Cikurai, Papandayan, Malabar, Caringin, Tilu, Patuha, Halu, Beser, Burangrang, Tangkuban Parahu and Manglayang. All of these mountains are considered the most eligible for growing this type of Arabica coffee with its extraordinary aroma.


The uniqueness of the aroma and taste of Java Preanger coffee has been recognized by the world since the colonial era. This is reinforced by becoming the 1st winner of a kind of coffee competition in Atlanta, the US in 2016. Now, if you are curious about what the greatness of Arabica coffee is like, see the description as follows.


Overview of Java Preanger Arabica Coffee

Java Preanger Coffee or Java Preanger Coffee is a type of Arabica coffee that is planted in West Java, this is what the Dutch call “Java Preanger”. The uniqueness of this coffee compared to other coffees in Indonesia is the authentic Arabica taste found in the coffee. This is because the coffee beans are pure descendants of Kenyan Arabica coffee brought by the Dutch to West Java which is not found in other areas.

Java Preanger Arabica Coffee, Single Origin Java Preanger Variant

When the Dutch came to Indonesia, they realized that the fertility and contours of Indonesia’s land were very potential for coffee plantations. Well, it was the Dutch who made the first coffee plantations in Indonesia, namely in West Java. Coffee plantations at that time were formed using the forced cultivation method. The people were forced to grow as much coffee as possible, then all the produce was taken by the Dutch and exported throughout the world.


In 1711, the first coffee export was carried out by the Dutch through its own trading body known as the VOC. Then in 1725, Indonesia was transformed into the largest coffee exporting country in the world.

At that time the local government officials entered into an agreement in plantations and sellers of coffee products to the VOC, known as the Koffiestelsel (Coffee System). In this agreement, all coffee plantation products at that time had to be sold only to the VOC.


Characteristics of Java Preanger Arabica Coffee

The physical characteristics of this coffee can be seen from the unique color of the beans. Each coffee bean with number one quality has superior characteristics. Some of the characteristics of Java Preanger Arabica coffee include:


Coffee Bean Color

To distinguish the many coffee varieties in Indonesia, the key lies in the physical characteristics of the coffee beans. This Java Preanger coffee bean has a physical color that is grayish-green. When confused in determining which type of Java Preanger coffee, be sure to choose coffee beans with a grayish-green color.


Maximum Value of Physical Disability 5%

One of the superior characteristics of quality Java Preanger coffee is that it has a physical defect value of only 5%. Coffee that has a defect value of more than 5% is deemed not to meet the best quality of Java Preanger coffee. When you find Java Preanger coffee beans that have a defect value of more than 5%, you can be sure that the coffee beans are not quality No. 1.


Maximum Moisture Content 12%

Every coffee bean that is harvested always has a certain moisture content. Usually, before processing, the moisture content in the coffee beans will be reduced so that it is close to the minimum moisture content value. It is intended that when the coffee beans are processed, they will produce very satisfying processed results. For Java Preanger coffee, the minimum moisture content that must be obtained before processing is 12%. This minimal water content will make the processing results more optimal and produce the distinctive taste of Java Preanger.


Scent Free of Foreign Ingredients

Storage of coffee beans after harvest tends to face 2 risks of product defects. The first risk is the entry of fungi, molds, and microorganisms that interfere with seeds. Then, the second risk is the arrival of pests such as rats or other animals that can damage the seeds. Quality coffee beans must be free from these 2 risks and make sure you don’t smell of chemicals when you smell the coffee beans.

History of Java Preanger Coffee, Global ‘A Cup Of Java’

Fragrance of Flowers

The last characteristic of Java Preanger is the very strong fragrance of flowers. When buying Java Preanger coffee products, smell the aroma from the packaging. If you find the fragrance of flowers strong enough, then the coffee is Java Preanger coffee.


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