Gayo Coffee, the Best Original Indonesian Coffee in the World

Gayo Coffee, the Best Original Indonesian Coffee in the World

Gayo Coffee, the Best Original Indonesian Coffee in the World

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  • On November 23, 2020
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Indonesia is one of the countries with the best coffee beans in the world. Even Indonesian coffee is famous for its enjoyment at the international level, you know. Of the many types of the best coffee, one of which is Gayo coffee. This Aceh coffee has a texture that is not so thick with a balanced level of acidity.

Suitable for those of you who are not connoisseurs of sour coffee or have problems with stomach acid. Now, talking about Gayo coffee, it turns out that the Acehnese people themselves have a unique presentation method. Instead of brewing it, Gayo coffee is boiled together with the water until it boils, then pour it into a new glass then add sugar and milk.

Even though today there are many contemporary coffee drinks, Gayo coffee is still the prima donna in the hearts of its connoisseurs. But behind its popularity, it turns out that Gayo coffee has a long history, you know. In the following, let’s look at a little story about the journey of Gayo coffee to become popular as it is today!

Analysis of International Coffee Export Development in Indonesia

What is Gayo Coffee?

Indonesian coffee lovers, of course, are familiar with Gayo coffee. Gayo coffee is the best coffee bean from the Gayo highlands, Central Aceh. This coffee is known to have a distinctive taste and aroma.

Even this coffee has received an award as the best coffee in the world. One of them was at the International Conference on Coffee Science, Bali in October 2010. Gayo coffee managed to beat Arabica varieties from other regions. Thanks to this award predicate Gayo coffee is increasingly known not only in Indonesia but also at the international level.

History of Gayo Coffee

The history of coffee cultivation in Gayo land cannot be separated from the Dutch colonialism at that time. In 1873, the Dutch declared war on the Aceh sultanate. The war ended in defeat on the Aceh side in 1904. Sultan Muhammad Daud Syah was arrested, while the pepper plantations that had previously been the superior land of the local community were neglected. In 1908, the Dutch government began planting a coffee plantation of 1000 hectares on this land.

The surrounding community also grows coffee by imitating the cultivation carried out by the Dutch government. However, Arabica coffee itself was only allowed to be drunk by Dutch colonialists and aristocrats. It was only after independence that coffee plantations in Aceh were controlled by local people. Even in the early 1970s, Aceh Tengah became the largest coffee-producing district in Aceh province.


Characteristics of Gayo Coffee

Gayo coffee has a strong taste character with low acidity. Gayo coffee also has a slightly spicy aroma but it doesn’t stick on the tongue. This is what makes coffee from Aceh so popular not only in Indonesia but also in Europe and the United States.

Even so, the characteristic taste of Gayo coffee tends to be inconsistent because the coffee plantations in Gayo land have different heights and various cultivations. Therefore, the resulting taste characteristics can also differ depending on where and at what height the Gayo coffee beans are planted.

Overview of Info about the Largest Coffee Plantation in Indonesia


Broadly speaking, there are two ways of processing the Gayo coffee fruit, namely wet processing (West Indische Bereiding) and dry processing (Ost Indische Bereiding). The main difference between these two processes lies in the stripping process.

Where in the dry processing process, the pulp will be peeled from the horn skin and epidermis after the coffee beans are dry. Meanwhile, in the wet processing process, the pulp will be peeled while the coffee beans are still wet. The dry processing method is carried out when the coffee cherries that have been harvested are then immediately dried by natural drying or artificial drying.

Meanwhile, wet processing methods include the process of receiving, pulping, fermentation, washing, drying, pickling, and storage.

The popularity of Gayo coffee beans in the coffee world cannot be doubted. No wonder Gayo coffee is one of the most expensive coffee beans in the world. Besides being delicious, Gayo coffee also has various benefits that are good for the body. So it’s no wonder that many coffee shops choose Gayo coffee as the main product in their coffee shops.


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