6 Modern Coffee Milk, Are You Sure You Have Tried Everything?

6 Modern Coffee Milk, Are You Sure You Have Tried Everything?

6 Modern Coffee Milk, Are You Sure You Have Tried Everything?

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  • On March 7, 2021
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The trend of iced milk coffee allegedly started from a small shop in Cipete, South Jakarta. Tuku, that’s the name of the shop, when it was booming, even the President of the Republic of Indonesia, Joko Widodo, had a chance to visit it. Basically, the ingredients for making milk coffee are really simple. Black coffee, milk, and palm sugar are the three main ingredients.

Even so, it seems that many people like this simple milk coffee. From there, there have been many coffee shops that sell milk coffee as a signature drink. Global Coffee Indo tasted several variants of “contemporary” coffee milk that are sold in the market, often ordered online.

Mandheling Coffee, Primadona from the Bukit Barisan of Sumatra

Here’s the list, you can try it yourself if you’re curious.

Es Kopi Susu Tetangga

Es Kopi Susu Tetangga is the name of Tuku’s signature drink. This coffee shop now has outlets on Jalan Cipete Raya and Pasar Santa. This coffee milk consists of a mixture of coffee, milk, and palm sugar. Overall the taste of this coffee is fresh, not too sweet, with a bitter coffee taste that still kicks in at the end. The price, which is quite affordable, seems to be a benchmark for other coffee shops. A glass of neighbor milk iced coffee is priced at IDR 18,000 only.


Cuan Tulen Coffee

Kopi Cuan is the name of the shop located in Pasar Minggu. There are several popular coffee variants such as Cuan Tulen Coffee, Cuan Ngerum Coffee, and Cuan Soklat Coffee. Cuan Tulen coffee is a favorite. The taste is not too sweet, but there is a slightly sour taste from the coffee. The price is the same as Es Kopi Susu Tetangga, which is IDR 18,000.


Animo Es Kopi Susu

Animo Bakery, which is located at Jalan Cipete 1 No 6A, South Jakarta, also serves a popular iced coffee milk variant. There are two favorite variants, namely Es Kopi Susu Animo and Es Kopi Moka Animo. The taste of this coffee milk is lighter, with a mild coffee taste. Unfortunately, sometimes the taste of iced milk is inconsistent. The price for a glass of Animo Milk Iced Coffee is IDR 18,000.


Oppa Milk Coffee

There is only one drink served at Oppa Coffee which is located in Cempaka Putih, East Jakarta. Oppa Milk Coffee, which’s the name of the drink, is sold at a more affordable price of IDR 15,000. The coffee is smaller in size with a sweeter taste. Suitable for those of you who are not a coffee fanatic.

Tanagodang Cafe Specialist Mandheling Coffee in Jakarta

Kampung Milk Iced Coffee

Es Kopi Susu Kampung, is the name of the coffee variant served at a shop called Di Bawah Tangga. This shop owned by actor Nino Fernandez is located in Gandaria City, South Jakarta. With a price of Rp 19,000, this iced coffee milk has a light taste. The coffee is not too “kicking”, but still refreshing.


Iced Milk Coffee

The last one is Iced Kopi Susu, which is served by Sagaleh, a shop that is said to be Tuku’s main competitor. With a price of IDR 17,000, you can choose to use sugar or not. From its taste, coffee milk is mixed with several types of spices so that it is warmer and more fragrant. Suitable for those of you who like unique coffee variants.


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