Mandheling Coffee, Primadona from the Bukit Barisan of Sumatra

Mandheling Coffee, Primadona from the Bukit Barisan of Sumatra

Mandheling Coffee, Primadona from the Bukit Barisan of Sumatra

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Low acidity with a floral aroma and sweet aftertaste characterizes Mandheling coffee. The body is full so the texture tends to be thick. The combination of sweet and sour taste that is not too high is a favorite of people who like coffee but have sensitive stomachs.

Mandheling Coffee Taste Character

As the name suggests, this single-origin comes from North Sumatra, precisely in Mandheling Natal Regency. The name Mandheling is taken at the same time as a marker for the name of a tribe in North Sumatra, namely the Mandahiling tribe. Its coffee plantation is located in the part of the Bukit Barisan mountains.

Mandheling Natal is a coffee-producing area in Indonesia that has been running since the 1800s. Historically, Mandheling coffee plantations originated from the Forced Cultivation System launched by the Dutch East Indies government.

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Mandheling Coffee Plant Seeds

In 1835, the Dutch brought coffee seeds from Java and tried to cultivate them on Sumatran soil. By the Dutch East Indies government, the coffee was then spread to several areas in North Sumatra. At first, a nursery was held in Tano Bato, a village in Panyabungan Selatan District.

After that, the seeds were distributed to several areas from Pakatan to Angkola, South Tapanuli. Because it comes from the Arabica type, the character of Mandheling coffee certainly has a sour taste and a distinctive aroma. However, when compared to other types of Sumatran Arabica coffee, the acidity level of Mandheling coffee tends to be the lowest.

Besides that, the sweet aftertaste is also one of the distinctive characters. This sweet aftertaste seems to be an antidote to the tongue after taking a sip of the slightly thick body. The combination of sweet and sour taste is not too high this is a favorite of people who like coffee but have a sensitive stomach.


The advantages of Mandheling Coffee

Another advantage of Mandheling coffee is its fragrant floral aroma. This fragrant aroma then makes it often used in several roasters or coffee shops to make house blends. Several Sesame Coffee products also include this origin as a concoction.

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Sell ​​Mandheling Coffee

To get it, you don’t have to come all the way to Sumatra. Several coffee shops and roasters have sold Mandheling coffee because it is quite popular.

That’s a brief review of one popular single origin. If you want to know more about the world of coffee, just visit Global Coffee. Happy coffee!


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