Mandheling Coffee is one of the Best Coffee in the World

Mandheling Coffee is one of the Best Coffee in the World

Mandheling Coffee is one of the Best Coffee in the World

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  • On March 9, 2021
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At the download ceremony for Kahiyang Ayu and Bobby Nasution yesterday, many typical Sumatran menus were presented and were appetizing. One that is unique and a special request for families is Mandheling coffee. The question is, why must Mandheling coffee?


Mandheling Coffee Facts

In fact, Mandheling coffee is one of the best coffees from the land of Sumatra. Even though they have experienced a dark period where all the coffee trees are cut down, this coffee is slowly getting back up in the Mandheling Natal district. Even Mandheling coffee was famous in Europe first. Because of its popularity, finally, many Sumatran coffees use the name Mandheling as the name of their product.

Mandheling Arabica Coffee from Sumatra, Unique and Delicious

Semi-wash Process Makes Coffee Taste Strong

Mandheling coffee has a distinctive taste and differentiates it from other coffees from the archipelago. The level of acidity of this coffee is low but still thick. This is because Mandheling coffee has a specialty coffee type. This means that Mandheling coffee has passed a certain selection process which makes it have a special aroma and taste quality and above coffee in general.

The process for Mandheling coffee is unique and has been consistently carried out from generation to generation. The name of the process is semi-wash. The coffee beans are first peeled, fermented, and then incompletely dried. After that, the coffee is peeled again and then dried again. This process is what makes the taste of Mandheling coffee one of the best coffees in the world.


Mandheling Coffee in the International World

Erna Knutsen, the founder of Knutsen Coffee Ltd., is the person who first coined the term specialty coffee in 1974. At the Specialty Coffee Association of America in 2014, Erna said that Mandheling coffee was the source of her inspiration for the term. Erna also admitted that Mandheling coffee is her favorite coffee.


Mandheling coffee served overseas

Mandheling coffee gets the hearts of all coffee connoisseurs in the world. The semi-wash process mentioned earlier was also later adapted for processing other coffee beans from abroad, particularly Latin America. This is because they want to make delicious coffee beans like Mandheling which then become the basic coffee beans for making espresso.

Buy Mandheling Coffee Arabica Mandheling Coffee from Sumatra

Mandheling coffee is now served in many coffee shops, both in Indonesia and abroad. Even Mandheling coffee already has a trademark in the international market, lo! Come on, enjoy the delicious coffee from the archipelago.


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