Five Types of Local Indonesian Coffee That Go International

Five Types of Local Indonesian Coffee That Go International

Five Types of Local Indonesian Coffee That Go International

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  • On February 7, 2021
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There are several types of Indonesian coffee that are worldwide and are known to have a distinctive taste. Indonesia is known for its abundant and quality natural resources (SDA), such as palm oil, spices, rubber, coffee, and many more. Even its existence has been worldwide, especially in coffee. It is known that Indonesia is one of the best coffee bean producing countries with a production of more than 600 thousand tons per year.


Types of Local Coffee in Indonesia

There are several types of local coffee from various regions in Indonesia that sell well to the international market. Responding to that, the Head of Barista Dailydose Coffee and Eatery, Bogor City, Global Coffee Indonesia also commented on the types of coffee worldwide.

Indonesian coffee is also a form of conservation fortress

“Yes, Indonesian coffee is in great demand in the world, such as Aceh Gayo, Toraja, and many more,” Global Coffee Indonesia told Global Coffee Indonesia, Wednesday, January 8, 2021. Global Coffee Indonesia explained why local, authentic Indonesian coffee could sell well in the market. Abroad. “Indonesian coffee is in demand by the world because it has a thick body character, namely the sensation of the thickness of the coffee when it is in the mouth is not easily lost,” he said.

Here, Global Coffee Indonesia summarizes the types of local coffee that are worldwide.

1. Aceh Gayo

Coffee This type of coffee is very popular with consumers in several countries such as America, Japan, and a number of European countries. This coffee, which comes from Aceh, has a thinner texture and is not too thick with balanced acidity.

The people of Aceh have a unique way of serving coffee. The method is, not brewing it, as usual, namely mixing coffee and water and then boiling it in a pot until it boils, then pour it into a glass and add milk and sugar. This coffee is very suitable to drink for people who do not like sour coffee. There is no doubt about the enjoyment of the coffee taste.


2. Toraja Arabica Coffee Toraja

Coffee is a game and food in several countries in the world such as America, Japan, and others. Because the characteristics possessed are known to be unique and in accordance with the habits of drinking coffee there. This local coffee from South Sulawesi does not leave a bitter taste after drinking it. The bitter taste sensation will only appear at the beginning and disappear in one sip.

Toraja coffee and other types grown in Sulawesi tend to have an earthy taste such as earthy or forest flavors with low acid content. This is what makes the taste of Toraja Arabica coffee in demand by local and foreign residents.


3. Kintamani Arabica

Coffee This type of coffee has been exported to several countries such as Arabia, Japan, and Europe. In fact, these Balinese seeds are well known and liked by the people there.

Kintamani Arabica coffee has a unique and attractive taste for its consumers. When you sip, you will feel the aroma of flowers and acids citrus with the right thickness and acidity, nothing less or nothing more.

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4. Flores Bajawa Arabica Coffee

Coffee originating from Flores, East Nusa Tenggara has been very popular in various countries around the world, one of which is America. The taste characteristics are no less unique than the others. This Flores Bajawa Arabica coffee always has its own charm. When you take a sip, you’ll enjoy a bar of very dominant chocolate and vanilla flavor.

However, the aftertaste or taste after drinking this coffee will actually taste like nuts. For consumers who like strong coffee with low acidity, it is advisable to try this local coffee from Flores, East Nusa Tenggara.


5. Temanggung Robusta

Coffee from Temanggung, Central Java, has been exported to Europe, the Middle East, and Latin America. This is because the taste of this coffee is very unique.

When you sip the coffee, you will feel the sensation of the aroma of tobacco and a strong bitter taste that dominates. That is precisely what makes this type of coffee so authentic and popular with many people.


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