Story of Lintong Nihuta Coffee Farmers Entering the US Market

Story of Lintong Nihuta Coffee Farmers Entering the US Market

Story of Lintong Nihuta Coffee Farmers Entering the US Market

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  • On February 19, 2021
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tory of Lintong Nihuta Coffee in 1750, the Dutch trading company (VOC) brought a variant of Arabica coffee beans to Sumatra. Not long after, around the 1800s in Lintong Nihuta District, Humbang Hasundutan Regency, North Tapanuli, planting was started by the local community.


Blue Lintong Sumatra Coffee

Who would have thought, the coffee, which is widely known as Lintong Nihuta, is now a mainstay for local farmers to penetrate the international market. Even in foreign countries, coffee is typically named Sumatra Blue Lintong, Sumatra Lintong Mandheling, Blue Batak, to Sumatra Bean Coffe.

Lintong Arabica Coffee, One of the superiorities of Sumatra

Lintong Coffee Sales To America

It is Natanael Hutasoit, a farmer in North Sumatra who began to expand the sale of Lintong Nihuta coffee to the United States (US), which is worth billions of rupiah in one harvest period. To note, one year there are two harvest periods.

“In a period of six months some time ago, there were exporters who were interested in this green bean and brought the exhibition to the US. There are about 21 tonnes worth around Rp. 70,000 per kilogram, so yes around Rp. 1.47 billion is there,” said Nataneal when met by Global. Coffee at Mandiri Jakarta Coffe Week 2020


Mandiri Jakarta Coffe Week 2020

Mandiri Jakarta Coffee Week 2020 is a series of national standard Bank Mandiri coffee parades that have been held annually since 2015, featuring coffee plants from various regions in Indonesia, represented by growing farmers or MSMEs. Previously, JCW 2020 had been held in Pontianak, Surabaya, and Medan. During this period, the event brought together more than 25,000 coffee fans.

Natanael admits that many coffee brewers in the US like the Lintong Nihuta coffee he grows on the land of Sumatra. “Roasting coffee in the US likes it, the taste, he said,” he added.


The US Who Likes Lintong Nihuta Coffee

Not only in the US, but Nathanael also said several countries were also getting interested. Among them, China, Australia, and Switzerland. “Yesterday, 10 tons of China was just right again at Rp. 89 thousand per kg, Australia for 7 tons for Rp. 80 thousand per kg, and Switzerland for 10 tons for Rp. 65 thousand per kg,” he explained. Nathanael is not alone in supplying these export needs. He and hundreds of farmers who own more than 20 ha of the land grow the coffee.


Supplying Lintong Coffee Export Needs

“Besides being a farmer, I also happen to be a collector of around 200 farmers in the area. There are about 7 other collectors like me there,” said Natanael. There is no easy success, says Nathanael. He said that there were still many obstacles he faced in being able to market coffee overseas. Mainly about access.

“We still depend on exporters that connect to foreign countries. So, yesterday it happened that an exporter brought our coffee to the US exhibition,” he said.

Get to know Lintong Arabica Coffee, which is very popular in the world

Marketing Lintong Coffee Abroad

He then briefly recounted his initial unexpected acquaintance with the exporter who is his current partner. “When I first met exporters, I was given a list of 200 exporters in Indonesia, so I just emailed them, so far it’s still manual like that,” he added.

On the other hand, according to him, the local market is still more difficult for Nathanael and the Lintong Nihuta farmers. “We are all still on our own, so we introduce them to the local market with this kind of coffee exhibition. We are just starting,” he concluded.


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