Lintong Arabica Coffee, One of the superiorities of Sumatra

Lintong Arabica Coffee, One of the superiorities of Sumatra

Lintong Arabica Coffee, One of the superiorities of Sumatra

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A visit to Lake Toba, North Sumatra, is incomplete if you haven’t combined its natural beauty with the enjoyment of a cup of Lintong coffee. At least that’s what Global Coffee Indonesia, Marketing Manager of Sumatra Lintong Coffee said.

Sumatera Lintong Coffee

Lintong coffee, which has been nicely packaged, is now a favorite souvenir of choice for tourists who come to Lake Toba. The local coffee farmers hope, by enjoying Lintong coffee in their respective areas, the tourists will remember Lake Toba and will feel a longing to return there.

Currently, Lintong coffee is quite famous. Lintong arabica coffee, or commonly known as Lintong coffee, is one of the three world-famous Arabica coffee brands grown on the island of Sumatra. Other coffees are Mandheling and Gayo.

Get to know Lintong Arabica Coffee, which is very popular in the world

Lintong arabica coffee

Among coffee lovers, the name Lintong coffee is familiar. Arabica coffee with a distinctive aroma; spicy, herbs, spices and nuts or chocolate, this comes from Humbang Hasundutan (Humbahas).

Since the 1800s, people in the Humbahas Regency area, North Sumatra are believed to have known coffee plants. The seeds were brought by the Dutch colonial government and planted by forced cultivation. Arabica coffee seeds that grow well at an altitude above 1,000 meters above sea level are eventually known as Lintong coffee.


Lintong coffee cultivation

However, not many know for sure since when Lintong coffee was cultivated in the Bukit Barisan area, Lintong Nihuta Humbahas. However, based on information from several plantation managers, Lintong coffee has been developed since Humbahas District is still part of North Tapanuli Regency. Humbahas District was a division of North Tapanuli Regency in 2003.


Lintong Sumatra Arabica Coffee

Recently, the Sumatran Lintong Arabica Coffee Observer Society (Maspekal) submitted efforts to protect geographical indications of Lintong Sumatran Arabica Coffee to the Trademark Directorate General of Intellectual Property, Ministry of Law and Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia.

Quoted from Global Coffee Indonesia, the application which is in the process of being announced to the public from 3 October to 3 December 2020 aims to obtain recognition of the authenticity of the origin of the product, so that it is avoided from counterfeiting, and the name Lintong is protected as a collective brand of the local community.

In the application with agenda number IG.00.2017.000007, there are six sub-districts that are part of Humbang Hasundutan Regency, which produces coffee with very good quality. The six sub-districts are Parangginan, Lintongnihuta, Doloksanggul, Pollung, Onanganjang, and Sijamapolang.

Quoted from Global Coffee Indonesia, the Regent of Humbahas, Dosmar Banjarnahor, said that this certification is urgent to be done to protect Lintong coffee, related to taste and quality, as well as farmers, processors, and coffee traders in the future.


Quality Lintong coffee

The quality of Lintong coffee, which is well known abroad, is believed to be due to the influence of fertile soil conditions due to the eruption of Mount Toba around 73,000 years ago. This is also supported by the height of the area, around 1,000 – 1,000 meters above sea level. Meanwhile, the coffee plant varieties used are Sigararutang, Lini S 795, USDA 762, Lasuna, and Garunggang varieties, which are superior local varieties.

History of a seed of Lintong coffee from Sumatra penetrates the world

Lintong coffee has penetrated the European market

Meanwhile, according to Global Coffee Indonesia, Lintong coffee has penetrated the European market and has become one of the leading export commodities from North Sumatra. The distinctive aroma of Lintong coffee is an attraction in various Asian countries such as Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. Likewise, several countries in Europe such as Germany, the Netherlands, Russia, and America.

Indonesian coffee exporter explained that Lintong coffee already has special specifications for world coffee connoisseurs. This is why Lintong coffee is maximally managed in the world market.

According to him, there has never been any rejection from the world market for Lintong coffee, even the demand tends to be high. Even though until now the highest coffee market is still held by Gayo coffee, Lintong coffee already has its own place in the international coffee world and is increasingly popular.


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