Excellence in the processing of Lintong Arabica Coffee from Sumatra

Excellence in the processing of Lintong Arabica Coffee from Sumatra

Excellence in the processing of Lintong Arabica Coffee from Sumatra

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  • On February 21, 2021
  • Lintong Arabica Coffee

This very popular coffee has many advantages. No wonder this coffee is one of the best Arabica coffees ever. Lintong Arabica coffee has a fairly high acidity level so that the acidity level is very high. For Arabica coffee connoisseurs, of course, making this coffee is in great demand.

Besides having a high acidity level, Lintong coffee also has a very high fragrance. Even when this coffee is brewed, the entire room will taste very fragrant. Thus, making Lintong coffee is very tempting for anyone who sips its aroma.

Get to know Lintong Arabica Coffee, which is very popular in the world

Benefits of Lintong Arabica Coffee

Lintong Arabica coffee is not only very delicious to drink, but also has many benefits. This is because lintong coffee contains several minerals that are very good for the body. Here are some of the benefits of Lintong coffee that you should know:


Reducing the Risk of Heart Disease

Consuming lintong coffee every day can reduce the risk of heart disease by 20%. This is because coffee can increase the body’s metabolic system. Furthermore, fat burning will occur faster and the blockage of blood vessels to the heart can be reduced.


Increase Brain Intelligence

Lintong Arabica coffee contains magnesium, vitamin B5, vitamin B2, and potassium. Where the content can increase intelligence and prevent senility. Even consuming it every day can protect the brain from diseases such as dementia, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s.


Healthy Hair

Lintong coffee can make hair healthier and smoother. The way to use it is by brewing coffee grounds using warm water. Massage evenly on hair and let stand for up to 15 minutes.


Healthy Face

Not only healthy hair, but this coffee can also make the face healthier and cleaner. The trick is to use lintong coffee grounds to be used as a facial scrub. This treatment can be done 3 times a week.


Removes Cellulite

Lintong coffee grounds can be used as a natural body scrub. It is enough to use coffee grounds and apply it to the body where there is cellulite and let stand for 20 minutes. This treatment can be done regularly every day until cellulite on the body is gone.

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Lintong Arabica Coffee Processing

The processing process used to make Lintong Arabica coffee is a wet hulling process. This processing is one of the hybrid coffee methods that have been used in several regions in Indonesia, especially Sumatra. To get maximum results, this method uses two drying processes.


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