Enjoy the Legendary Mandheling Coffee from Sumatra

Enjoy the Legendary Mandheling Coffee from Sumatra

Enjoy the Legendary Mandheling Coffee from Sumatra

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  • On January 14, 2021
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Today, at Excelso Cilandak Town Square, a casual chat to introduce Mandheling Coffee was held together with the media in Jakarta, as a series of activities to introduce the types of Single Origin coffee which are the pride of Indonesia and the Excelso cafe.

Single Origin Coffee

The media also explained the meaning of the term single origin, which is synonymous with the era of the third wave coffee. Coffee that is served using a siphon brew brewer is one of Indonesia’s pride coffees because it has been known to foreign countries. With a strong character of citrus fruits, herbs, earthy, and a creamy body that is soft in every sip. Mandheling coffee or Mandheling is one of the favorite coffee drinks at Excelso.

Tanagodang Cafe Specialist Mandheling Coffee in Jakarta

Favorite Coffee in Excelso

“The term single origin can simply be translated as the origin, or the place where the coffee originated. Generally, single-origin refers to a specific region, place, or region and cannot be engineered. One of our flagship coffees, like Kalosi Toraja for example, is produced from coffee beans from plantations in Toraja. If the seeds are moved to another area, the resulting coffee aroma will not be the same, “said Pangesti Bernardus, Head of Corporate Communication for Kapal Api Global.

With different coffee brewing technologies, the same type of coffee will produce a different aroma, acidity, and body. The aroma is the distinctive smell that is released when stirring the coffee powder layer shortly after brewing, for example, the aroma of fruit (fruity), the aroma of nuts (nut-like), the aroma of flowers (herbal), and so on.


The nature of viscosity (mouthfeel) of coffee

Acidity is a sensation of acidity that refreshes part of the flavor that is formed after tasting and holding it in the oral cavity for 3-5 seconds. The body is the nature of the consistency (mouthfeel) of coffee, usually assessed by rubbing the tongue against the roof of the mouth so that there is an impression of the thickness of the liquid. “The purpose of the coffee brewing technique is to get the taste of coffee to suit what we want. Of course, which one is better will depend on the tastes of each consumer,” said Pangesti Bernardus.

Mandheling Coffee, Primadona from the Bukit Barisan of Sumatra

Brewed Coffee

Coffee that is brewed using a coffee press will produce a good brew with a moderate aroma, acidity, and body, while brewing with a coffee machine will produce the highest level of acidity and body, with a smelling scent. For coffee enthusiasts who prefer coffee through its fragrant aroma and a more sour taste, you can choose to brew coffee using a tool called Siphon Brew.

“The result of the steeping will produce a more fragrant aroma, a high level of acidity, while the body tends to be less thick,” Pangesti added, adding an explanation of the COVID 19 prevention protocol which is strictly implemented in all Excelso Cafes in Indonesia.


Contact and Information

By bringing quality Indonesian coffee beans to the global market, Global Coffee Indonesia is a part of the solution in promoting Indonesia commodities and community empowerment.

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