Indonesia is the 4th Largest Coffee Producer in the World

Indonesia is the 4th Largest Coffee Producer in the World

Indonesia is the 4th Largest Coffee Producer in the World

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  • On February 11, 2021
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Indonesia is the 4th largest coffee producer in the world. However, in terms of exports, Indonesia is still inferior to Switzerland, which is the 5th largest coffee exporter in the world. We are the number 4 producer but that is a matter of quantity because as exporters we are number 9. Switzerland can become an exporter beyond Indonesia, “said Director General of Export Development at the Ministry of Trade, Kasan Muhri in a webinar.

Five Types of Local Indonesian Coffee That Go International

Global Market Against Coffee

Tempe Chips to Luwak Coffee, In fact, said Kasan, Switzerland is not a country that has coffee plants. On the other hand, Indonesia even has the advantage of being very diverse in types of coffee. Kasan assessed that the global market’s high interest in Swiss coffee was due to the quality offered.

It is this quality issue that must be studied by Indonesia if Indonesian coffee is to dominate the global market. “Surely the problem is not quantity, but quality. So quality ultimately gets value from other people. This is our homework.

Quality of Indonesian Coffee Products

Coffee Therefore, continued Kasan, the government is trying to increase coffee exports, namely by expanding the market while improving the quality of the coffee products offered. One of the targeted markets in Europe, especially Germany.


Coffee Products From Indonesia

One of the targeted markets in Europe, especially Germany. Coffee products from Indonesia are considered to have great potential in the country. To support this, the Ministry of Trade is working with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Indonesian Specialty Coffee Association (SCAI) to observe Indonesian coffee cupping and tasting. The aim is that local coffee producers can find out about the coffee tastes that are of interest to the German people as an export market.

Coffee Is Indonesia’s Leading and Best Export Commodity

Promoting Indonesian Coffee

Deputy Minister of Trade Jerry Sambuaga said that encouraging the performance of Indonesian coffee exports cannot be done only with the role of the government, it requires joint efforts both by coffee industry players and the community.

We have to develop coffee, which is one of our mainstay products. But I think it is the duty of all of us, the government, the community, and industry players to be able to continuously promote Indonesian coffee.


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By bringing quality Indonesian coffee beans to the global market, Global Coffee Indonesia is a part of the solution in promoting Indonesia commodities and community empowerment.



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