Kopi Lintong Sumatera Delicious Coffee From Global Coffee Indo

Kopi Lintong Sumatera Delicious Coffee From Global Coffee Indo

Kopi Lintong Sumatera Delicious Coffee From Global Coffee Indo

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  • On February 27, 2021
  • Kopi Lintong Sumatera

Kopi Lintong Sumatera – Coffee is still a delicious dish for coffee lovers. There are so many types of coffee in Indonesia, especially since Indonesia is a country that is one of the largest coffee producers in the world.


Sumatran Lintong Coffee, Delicious Coffee

The existence and name of coffee in Indonesia are spread throughout the regions in Indonesia which adds to the diversity of Indonesian coffee, both Arabica and robusta types. However, among the various types of coffee, I was introduced to one type of coffee from Sumatra from the Arabica coffee type. And Lintong Sumatera coffee, delicious coffee from “Global Coffee Indo”, become a coffee topic that we will review.

Lintong Arabica Coffee, One of the superiorities of Sumatra

Types And Taste Of Lintong Coffee

Unlike usual, while enjoying the evening atmosphere, I tried to enjoy coffee from Lake Toba, North Sumatra. This coffee is called Lintong Coffee. This type of Lintong Arabica coffee is a type of coffee that is expected to become the specialty of the Lintong region.

This Lintong type of coffee is one of the well-known Arabica coffee brands in Sumatra, apart from Mandheling and Gayo. Maybe those of you who are used to enjoying Arabica coffee, often try this coffee pleasure, because they must have memorized the types and tastes of this Lintong Coffee.


Lintong Arabica Coffee From Lake Toba

For a coffee lover, enjoying Global Coffee Indorigin is one of the delicious choices that must be enjoyed. Global Coffee Indorigin is the name for coffee based on the region of origin. Likewise, with Lintong Coffee, this coffee is very well known, especially Lintong arabica coffee has different characteristics from other types of coffee from other regions, has a distinctive aroma, smells of spices, is spicy and nuts or chocolate.

Coffee from the Humbang Hasundutan area.

It is very interesting to study the origin of coffee and the types of Arabica coffee in the Lake Toba area. Coffee in the Humbang Hasundutan Regency area has been around since the 1800s, which was brought by the Dutch Colonial Government. These Arabica coffee seeds can grow well with an altitude above 1000 meters above sea level.

The name Lintong coffee or also known as Lintong arabica is taken from the name Lintong Nihuta District. Actually, Lintong coffee is not the name of the coffee variety but is a trademark for coffee in international trade, namely for the type of coffee from Humbang Hasundutan Regency, North Sumatra.


Enjoyment of Sumatra Lintong Arabica Coffee

Lintong Arabica coffee as one of the best coffees from Sumatra is a favorite coffee favored by coffee lovers in Indonesia, not only in Indonesia, coffee lovers from abroad also really like this type of Lintong arabica coffee. Abroad, the quality of Lintong Arabica coffee is very well known, even better known as Sumatra Linthong Arabica Coffee

Excellence in the processing of Lintong Arabica Coffee from Sumatra

Global Coffee Indo produces Lintong coffee

One coffee producer who also produces this coffee manually, namely “Global Coffee Indo” tries to produce this type of Lintong coffee, with a distinctive taste, with a balanced thickness and acidity, coupled with chocolate and spices, making coffee made “Global. Coffee Indo “is a delicious choice of Lintong coffee.


Contact and Information

By bringing quality Indonesian coffee beans to the global market, Global Coffee Indonesia is a part of the solution in promoting Indonesia commodities and community empowerment.



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