Kenangan Coffee disbursed 20 million US dollars by Jay-Z

Kenangan Coffee disbursed 20 million US dollars by Jay-Z

Kenangan Coffee disbursed 20 million US dollars by Jay-Z

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  • On March 3, 2021
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Retail Drinks Kenangan Coffee go viral on social media because they were given an injection of funds by Jay-Z and Serena Williams who are members of the Arrive funding company. “So this is an expansion of Sequoia which is 20 million US dollars, and they (arrive) join in there.


Kenangan Coffee Viral on Social Media

This cooperation has started from the date we became partners where they have also become shareholders of Kenangan Coffee, “said Edward to Global Coffee Indo.

Last June, Kenangan Coffee was successful in obtaining Series A funding which has been finalized in the amount of US $ 20 million, or around Rp. 279 billion from Sequoia India. The news that has been circulating on social media is now being discussed by many people, especially netizens on Twitter.

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Appreciate the Founder of Kenangan Coffee

Several Twitter users made posts stating that they really appreciated the founder of Kenangan Coffee Edward Tirtanata for successfully attracting the most famous rapper and professional tennis player from America. One Twitter user named Adhika Bagus said that the way Edward Tirtanata works should be learned.


Kenangan Coffee is a non-franchise retail

Seeing this, many people are interested in knowing what Kenangan Coffee is. Based on its official website, Kenangan Coffee is a non-franchise retailer with very fast growth in Indonesia.

This retail was created because the founders had a mission to spread their love for Indonesian coffee. Kenangan Coffee is famous for naming the drinks it sells under unique names.

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Prices and unique names of Kenangan Coffee

Some of them are Kenangan Coffee of the Former, Coffee of Past Memories, Coffee of Former Married, Forget Him Coffee, Andi Lau Tea Coffee (Between Dilemma and Confusion), Most Beautiful Memories Milk Tea, Cheating Drinks, and others.

For the price offered itself, the coffee retailer does not set prices that are too high, ranging from Rp. 9,000 to Rp. 42,000. Until now, Kenangan Coffee has around 80 outlets spread across eight cities in Indonesia.


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By bringing quality Indonesian coffee beans to the global market, Global Coffee Indonesia is a part of the solution in promoting Indonesia commodities and community empowerment.



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