Java Preanger Coffee, First Coffee in Indonesia by the Dutch

Java Preanger Coffee, First Coffee in Indonesia by the Dutch

Java Preanger Coffee, First Coffee in Indonesia by the Dutch

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  • On March 21, 2021
  • Java Preanger Coffee

Java Preanger Coffee – The character of Java Preanger coffee lies in its body and moderate acidity with a rich aroma and taste. This coffee is also known as Malabar coffee because it is taken from one of the names of the mountains in the coffee plantation area. Another reason is that it comes from seeds brought by the Dutch from Malabar, India.


Java Preanger Coffee Characters

Did you know that coffee is not native to Indonesia? The first coffee plants in Indonesia were imported by Dutch traders who formed the VOC (Vereenigde Oostindische Compagnie) in 1696. The Dutch on behalf of the VOC brought arabica coffee seeds from Malabar, India, to Batavia (now Jakarta).

Java Preanger Arabica Coffee, Single Origin Java Preanger Variant

Coffee is not native to Indonesia

The Dutch conducted an experiment on the plant in the Jakarta area which became known as Pondok Kopi. After growing well, Malabar coffee is then planted and cultivated in the Priangan area, West Java. Tanah Priangan was chosen because it is a volcanic area formed from volcanoes, so it is very fertile.


The term a cup of Java

In the 1700s, this magic seed became a big commodity for the VOC. Java Island was once the center of its trade. The term a cup of Java (a cup of Java) became popular internationally and replaced the use of the term coffee. Over time, Malabar coffee is also known as Java Preanger coffee. This is because Priangan is known as Preanger by the Dutch.

The character of Java Preanger coffee lies in its very strong aroma and taste. The scent that makes it unique is the fragrance of flowers. Makes the drinker feel the relaxation of the body when inhaling the aroma.


Java Preanger Coffee

The sweet taste is also found when sipping the coffee. If you want to be more specific about the original taste, it is advisable not to add sugar. That way you will be able to feel the original taste. In addition, this java Preanger coffee has moderate body and acidity. This not too high acidity level is perfect for those of you who are sensitive to the stomach.

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History of Java Preanger Coffee, Global ‘A Cup Of Java’

Advantages of Java Preanger Coffee

History records and world recognition also prove the return of the image of Java Preanger Arabica Coffee (KAJP) to be lifted through the SCAA event in Atlanta, United States in April. The six Arabica Java Preanger (KAJP) which represents Indonesia is the best coffee in West Java and has several advantages of a strong aroma, distinctive taste (unique).

The aromas that are clear are Blueberry, Floral, Jasmine, sweet aftertaste, vanilla, lychee. Apricot, Caramel, sweet finish, full body. Fruity, Lime Acidity, Maple Syrup, Slightly Floral, Clean Finish Nutty, Ripe Cherry, Slightly Floral, Toffee, Dark Chocolate. Apple, Vanilla note, Roasted Peanut, Sweet Melow, Honey.


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