Java Preanger Arabica Coffee, Single Origin Java Preanger Variant

Java Preanger Arabica Coffee, Single Origin Java Preanger Variant

Java Preanger Arabica Coffee, Single Origin Java Preanger Variant

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  • On March 17, 2021
  • Java Preanger Arabica Coffee

Java Preanger Arabica Coffee – Java Preanger is the name for coffee from West Java which is taken from the Dutch language. Java Preanger coffee produced by Global Coffee Indo is obtained from Mount Manglayang, which is currently one of the best origin java Preanger.


Best Origin Kop Java Preanger

Among the coffee trees, there are many spices and fruits, besides that Manglayang is also famous for its clear springs. The soil content that is rich in minerals and fertile makes the taste of Java Preanger coffee produced by Global Coffee Indo richer in taste. Buy Java Preanger Arabica Coffee now.

Global Coffee Indo sells Java Preanger Arabica coffee, one of the most famous coffees around the world apart from Arabica coffee from Sumatra. This coffee comes from West Java which has many mountains with good soil fertility such as in Pengalengan, Manglayang, Garut, Sukabumi, and many more.

History of Java Preanger Coffee, Global ‘A Cup Of Java’

Single Origin Java Preanger variant

Therefore, the single-origin Java Preanger variants are quite numerous and in our opinion cannot be equated. This is because each region and plantation has geographic features, different soil mineral content, and various coffee varieties. So don’t be surprised if Java Preanger Arabica coffee has many variants and often has a different taste.

Java Preanger is the name of the Dutch name for the area in West Java. The word “Java” refers to West Java, and “Preanger” is a Sundanese term for a Sundanese area called Priangan or Parahiyangan which covers the West Java area. Coffee plantations in West Java are one of the oldest coffee plantations in Indonesia, which began in the 16th century from coffee seeds brought by the Dutch.


Preanger Coffee Quality

Our location in Bandung happens to make it quite easy for us to get Java Preanger coffee, therefore, the Java Preanger coffee that we sell often has a lower price than other single origins. Even though the price is cheaper, we only sell quality coffee. In fact, the Preanger coffee quality we sell is often better than another single origin. This is because the post-harvest process in the West Java area is quite good because of the high competition for coffee, making coffee farmers in West Java more competitive in improving quality and quality.

Java Preanger Arabica Coffee, Single Origin Java Preanger Variant

Why Shop Preanger Java Arabica Coffee at Global Coffee Indo?

Global Coffee Indo only sells the best grade coffee which is often exported abroad. We know that Indonesians are still more accustomed to robusta coffee which has become a daily coffee drink because it is widely sold in almost every region at low prices.

But we have a mission to introduce quality Arabica coffee to become the daily coffee drink for Indonesians. This is because Arabica coffee has more positive effects, especially for health than robusta coffee.


Contact and Information

By bringing quality Indonesian coffee beans to the global market, Global Coffee Indonesia is a part of the solution in promoting Indonesia commodities and community empowerment.



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