Gayo Coffee, Indonesia’s Best Coffee Comes from Aceh

Gayo Coffee, Indonesia’s Best Coffee Comes from Aceh

Gayo Coffee, Indonesia’s Best Coffee Comes from Aceh

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  • On November 25, 2020
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Indonesia is also well known as an exporter of the highest quality coffee. In this country, many types of coffee are well known and in-demand not only in the national market but also internationally. The unique taste with low acid content is the main attraction of coffee. One of them is Gayo Arabica Coffee which comes from Aceh.

This Aceh coffee has also broken records because it has touched the highest price of 7.5 US dollars or equivalent to Rp 95,900 / kg. This figure can still creep up because market demand has recently skyrocketed. So, if you are a coffee lover, you should try this famous type of coffee from Indonesia. The following is a review of Gayo Coffee.

Gayo Coffee, the Best Original Indonesian Coffee in the World

Origin of Gayo Arabica Coffee

This coffee comes from Tana Sumatra, especially the Gayo highlands, Central Aceh Regency, and Bener Meriah Aceh Province. This area has become the main and superior coffee commodity. With a land area of ​​100,000 hectares, it can produce 200,000 tons of coffee every year. The income from this coffee is a pillar in these two Aceh districts. Even with the promotion of exports, this coffee is able to compete with coffee from Brazil, Vietnam, and Thailand.


Taste Characteristics of Gayo Arabica Coffee

Gayo coffee is included in Arabica coffee so it has a thick texture with a prominent bitter taste but has a low acidity level. It is even rated as having a complex taste, having all the flavors of coffee around the world. Flowery sensations like citrus and spices like ginger, lemongrass will be especially pronounced. So that in addition to the sour taste of coffee, there is also a spicy taste as well as spices.

The fruity and floral aroma adds to the uniqueness of this coffee taste. The bitter taste of the coffee will soon disappear on the tongue, shortly after drinking it. This is the characteristic taste of Gayo Coffee that is the main attraction of coffee lovers.


The advantages of Gayo Arabica Coffee

This coffee has advantages that some other coffees do not have. So it deserves to be one of Indonesia’s best coffees.


1. Organic Coffee

Apart from not using pesticides, organic coffee also has many things to pay attention to from the planting to the harvesting process. Sufficient rainfall, fertile land, and an adequate environment make Gayo Coffee have this organic advantage.

Such as in-soil processing utilizing microbes in the soil and planting with terraces because it is in a high area. In addition, pest control is also carried out using a biological system using the fungus Beauveria Bassiana for fruit and Trichoderma sp. for coffee root.

The processing of coffee to reach buyers is also very important. Processing is carried out in two ways, namely wet processing and dry processing. After the first processing, the coffee is then washed manually without a machine to maintain the quality of the coffee form.

Furthermore, it is dried in direct sunlight so that it remains natural. Not only that, the final process is in the form of checking the shape and re-cleaning so that the coffee that reaches the buyer is the best quality coffee.


2. Awards Received

This Aceh coffee has received several awards such as coffee with an organic level of between 50-75% (Association of Indonesian Coffee Exporters). This figure is the highest among coffee in the world. The same recognition was given by the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA).

In addition, he received a Fair Trade Certificate on May 27, 2010. In the same year obtained the highest rank in the Special Indonesian Coffee Auction Event. Not only that, but this coffee has also received a Geographical Indication Certificate (GI) and has been recognized by coffee institutions in Europe and America.

The Best Indonesian Coffee Beans Have a High Export Value

3. The Highest Price in the World

With these advantages, both while maintaining the organism of the coffee and the acknowledged awards, it is no wonder that this coffee is the most expensive coffee in the world. Demand continues to increase from year to year even when America was in crisis in 2018 and then the demand for coffee did not go down. It even broke the record by translating 7.5 USD in 2018.

That’s a review of Aceh Gayo Arabica Coffee which is rated as Indonesia’s Best Coffee. If you are a coffee lover, you must taste this type of Gayo Arabica Coffee. No need to worry about bloating, because the acidity level of this coffee is low, suitable for those who are sensitive to the stomach or beginner coffee lovers. Feel the unique taste and sensation of this best Indonesian coffee.


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