Indonesia’s Best Coffee Enjoys Recognized in the World

Indonesia’s Best Coffee Enjoys Recognized in the World

Indonesia’s Best Coffee Enjoys Recognized in the World

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  • On January 20, 2021
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Indonesia has a lot of coffee that has been recognized as a pleasure in the world. Call it Aceh Gayo, Mandailing, Sidikalang, Toraja, Bajawa Flores, and many more, there are more than 15 leading Indonesian coffee-producing regions.

Best Indonesian Coffee

Have you ever been confused about which one to try first, from the various origins of Indonesia’s best coffee? Naturally, you are confused, because the different producing regions have different characteristics. Each has unique characteristics such as a taste similar to chocolate, orange, or spice.

“Choosing coffee according to taste, only what is usually considered is the body of coffee (thickness), flavor (taste), and acidity,” said Viki Rahardja, a senior Indonesian barista who has been around promoting Indonesian coffee.

He recommends the five best types of Arabica coffee from five regions in Indonesia that you can try first. According to Viki, the five of them have their own selling points, and of course their favorite version. Following are recommendations for Arabica coffee along with its characters and regions:


The Characteristic of Fragrant Coffee Flowers in Mandheling

Wamena, Papua

In my opinion, this coffee (Wamena) is a rare type of coffee, it is difficult to harvest, you have to go up the mountain to take a helicopter, “said Viki to KompasTravel, at the inauguration of MAXX Corner outlets, Plaza Semanggi.

If Arabica coffee is usually grown at an altitude above 1,200 meters above sea level (masl), this coffee is grown around the cliffs with a minimum altitude of 2,000 meters above sea level. The harvest process and its hard-to-reach location make it even more delicious. Of course, the selling price will also be more expensive.

“In terms of taste, the taste is balanced, the mild is not too sour or sweet,” said Viki, who has won several national and international barista competitions.


Toraja Kalosi, Tana Toraja, South Sulawesi

This coffee from Tana Toraja is also very famous for its enjoyment. The identical taste of this coffee is brown, tobacco, or caramel. In terms of acidity and body, according to him, medium, suitable for all people who do not like too sour or too bitter.

Malabar, West Java Although this Arabica coffee is grown in a low-lying plain, the neat and structured post-harvest process makes the results one of the best. “If you look at the farmers in their gardens after harvesting, the process is very neatly structured so the taste is better and varied. There are natural processes, semi wash to the full wash process,” he said.


Aceh Gayo, Aceh

According to the character of the strong Sumatra regional coffee (strong bitter), this type of Aceh Gayo is quite representative of delicious Sumatran Arabica coffee. Judging from the body itself, this typical Aceh coffee is thick or called the full body. “More coffee tastes really strong, but also has acid,” he said.


The Best Coffee Beans in Indonesia Are Exported Abroad

Flores, East Nusa Tenggara

The uniqueness of this type of Flores coffee is that it can produce a wide variety of flavors, from chocolate, spicy, tobacco, strong, citrus, flowers, to wood. With a thick texture, this coffee tends to have a high level of acidity.

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