Indonesian coffee is also a form of conservation fortress

Indonesian coffee is also a form of conservation fortress

Indonesian coffee is also a form of conservation fortress

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  • On January 24, 2021
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The Alam Raya Conservation Alliance [Akar] Network since 2012, has been making approaches to communities at the foot of Mount Kerinci, to farm using a gardening pattern. The community is invited to grow coffee by leaving the old pattern.

“The community still uses land outside the conservation area not optimally, so they leave the old land and look for new land, including in the TNKS,” he said.

Emma said that the people in Renah Pemetik, Air Warm Timur Subdistrict, Kerinci Regency, Jambi Province, initially planted vegetables as well as robusta coffee in their garden, which has an altitude of 1,000 – 1,500 m above sea level. This is certainly not appropriate.


The Characteristic of Fragrant Coffee Flowers in Mandheling

Emma and her team provide understanding and assistance to the community on how to garden that is more economically productive and has no legal problems. The community is invited to plant Arabica coffee because it is in accordance with areas above an altitude of 1,000 m above sea level.

“We offer people to plant coffee on degraded or abandoned lands. This assistance will take a long time because people find it difficult to accept changes in farming or gardening patterns, ”he said.

However, after harvesting coffee, farmers’ income has increased by up to 30 percent. This also led to a decrease in encroachment in KSNP, as the community began to be busy taking care of their coffee plantations.

“The vegetable garden has now been replaced by Arabica coffee. The community must really be given assistance so that they change their habit of encroaching by permanent gardening, “said Ema.

The program director of the Kehati Foundation, Roni Megawanto, said that the sustainable coffee program can be implemented as a way to increase coffee production in Indonesia. Of course, by still paying attention to environmental sustainability without destroying the forest.

Sustainable coffee has the characteristics of gardening outside the conservation area, rehabilitating critical land, applying agroforestry patterns, and organic farming. Improving the quality and welfare of farmers, as well as fair trade are important things to pay attention to.

“Coffee plantations can become natural fortresses to protect conservation areas from various pressures, such as encroachment and other illegal activities.”

The sustainable coffee program currently implemented by the KEHATI Foundation for the arabica species is implemented in the vicinity of the Dolok Sibual-Bali Nature Reserve, North Sumatra Province, as well as Batang Gadis National Park and Kerinci Seblat National Park.


Indonesia’s Best Coffee Enjoys Recognized in the World

The chairman of the Gayo Cupper Team, Mahdi Usati, said some time ago that Arabica coffee really needs forests and is disturbed if the temperature around the garden increases. “If the temperature increases it affects the resistance to pests or diseases, as well as the taste of the coffee itself.”

In fact, continued Central Aceh coffee activist, Bener Meriah, and Gayo Lues, coffee farmers in the Gayo Highlands, Aceh Province, are starting to feel the effects of climate change. Erratic weather causes coffee plants to be attacked by diseases.

“Forest preservation around coffee plantations is very important. The ecosystem must be maintained so that the natural balance is achieved so that coffee plants are well preserved, “he explained.


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