The Development of Indonesian Coffee Exports to the Global Market

The Development of Indonesian Coffee Exports to the Global Market

The Development of Indonesian Coffee Exports to the Global Market

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  • On November 13, 2020
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Indonesia exported 16.65 tonnes of Aceh Gayo Coffee type coffee to America made from Global Coffee Indonesia. The coffee export is valued at IDR 1.34 billion. The Ministry of Trade (Kemendag) and the Governor of West Java, Ridwan Kamil, tried this coffee export route in Bandung, West Java.

The Ministry of Trade’s Director General of National Export Development, Kasan, said that his group fully supports the development of Indonesian coffee exports to the global market. A Guide for Coffee Entrepreneurs to Develop Businesses For him, the export of these value-added products, is also an effort of the government and business actors to protect the balance of trade balance.


“It is hoped that business actors will continue to innovate and take advantage of market opportunities that exist within and outside the country,” said Kasan in his official explanation. Kasan reported his aspirations to the industry that continues to support and transport the welfare of partner coffee farmers in West Java for a long time.

The industry is also encouraged to continue expanding its market access. Not only to the American market, but in 2020 Global Coffee Indonesia also obtained an export contract of 5 containers to the United States, 2 containers to Belgium, and 1 container to Russia.

The Development of Indonesian Coffee Exports to the Global Market

The Director of Export Product Development (PPE) of the Ministry of Trade, Ogilvy Andrianita, said that the Ministry of Trade confirmed that she wanted to continue to facilitate export players through trade representatives in various countries. This is an effort to expand Indonesia’s export market, especially in the midst of the current pandemic.

“It is hoped that good synergy will continue to be established to get through the difficult times of this pandemic and increase exports to move the wheels of the Indonesian economy and trade,” he said. Meanwhile, West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil reported that Indonesian coffee, especially the Arabica type from West Java, is in great demand in the international market because it has a distinctive taste.


Until this has become an added value for the image of Indonesian coffee in the international market, so it needs to be protected and promoted more intensively. “We can use this coffee export to America as a stimulus for the revival of West Java business actors to restore the people’s economy,” Ridwan said.

Information on Coffee Trade Based on BPS information, Indonesia’s coffee trade balance in the January-July 2020 period, both coffee beans and processed coffee faced a surplus of 670.03 million US dollars.


This achievement made Indonesia the 7th largest coffee exporter in the world with an export share of 4.55 percent in 2019, after Brazil 14, 02 percent, Germany 8, 74 percent, Vietnam 7, 80 percent, Switzerland 7.33 percent, Colombia. 7, 13 percent, and Italy 4, 88 percent. There is also West Java which has the ability and opportunity to increase coffee exports.

West Java coffee exports for the period January-July 2020 were recorded at 3.26 million US dollars. This value has increased by 35.20 percent compared to the same period in 2019 which amounted to 2.41 million US dollars. At present, West Java is ranked 8th as a province that has Indonesia’s main coffee exports with an export share of 0.44 percent, after Banten 32.88 percent, Lampung 22, 98 percent, North Sumatra 22 percent, East Java 13, 01 percent, as well as Aceh 7, 12 percent.


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