Indonesian Coffee Exports to Egypt Continues to Increase 21%

Indonesian Coffee Exports to Egypt Continues to Increase 21%

Indonesian Coffee Exports to Egypt Continues to Increase 21%

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  • On December 3, 2020
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Exports of Indonesian coffee products have increased to Egypt by 21 percent amid the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in the world. The 21 percent export value occurred in the January February 2020 period or increased compared to the same period in 2019. This shows that the demand for coffee products from Indonesia in Egypt is still high and has not experienced any problems.

Coffee Exporters in Indonesia

Some coffee exporters in Indonesia are also optimistic that they will continue to send their coffee according to the trade contract signed by Egyptian buyers at the 2019 Trade Expo Indonesia (TEI).

The hard work of Indonesian coffee exporters and the Cairo Trade Attache succeeded in increasing Indonesia’s coffee exports to Egypt by 21 percent amid the COVID-19 pandemic. All trade contracts with Indonesian coffee exporters run smoothly under this close cooperation. Next month there are even several import contracts that are agreed to be sent to Egypt in the AprilMay 2020 period.

Plt. Director General of National Export Development Kasan explained, in March 2020 18 containers had already been shipped to Egypt and as of April 2020 12 containers had been exported.

The character of coffee in Indonesia is known to the World

Indonesia’s coffee exports are increasing

The increase in Indonesian coffee exports to Egypt in early 2020 is a commitment to a trade agreement contract that has been signed by Indonesian coffee entrepreneurs and Egyptian coffee entrepreneurs.

One such trade contract is between an Egyptian company, the Egyptian Coffee Importer Group and PT. Asal Jaya (Malang-East Java) who booked a trade contract worth USD 50 million. The trade contract took place at the 2019 Trade Expo Indonesia trade fair at ICE BSD, Tangerang.


Indonesia is an exporter of coffee beans to Egypt

Based on data from the Central Statistics Agency in February 2020, Indonesia is the number one exporting country for coffee beans to Egypt with an export value of USD 12.62 million. This value increased by 21.75 percent compared to the same period last year amounting to USD 10.36 million.

There was an increase in the quantity of 29.53 percent or 7,274 tons worth in February 2020 compared to February 2019 which amounted to 5,615 tons.


Based on the report from the Egyptian Statistics Agency in 2019, Indonesia is the number one exporting country for coffee beans to Egypt which occupies a market share of 61.74 percent with a growth trend from 2015 to 2019 of 16.73 percent. Egypt’s imports of Indonesian coffee bean products in 2019 amounted to USD 59,510 million. This value increased 2.30 percent compared to 2018 which amounted to USD 58,171 million.


Cairo Trade Attaché Irman Adi Purwanto Moefthi added, the market price for Indonesian robusta coffee to the Egyptian market in April 2020 per ton for grade I robusta coffee is between USD 2,215-USD 2,300, grade II between USD 2,065-USD 2,100, and grade III defects 45 between USD 1,730-USD 1,800.

Until now, continued Irman, robusta coffee exports are still running even though restaurants, hotels and coffee shops have to close amid the COVID-19 outbreak. The closure of public places meant that coffee traders and distributors had to switch to selling coffee products online or via home delivery systems.

Facts about the Increasing Coffee Industry in Indonesia

Indonesian coffee exporters remain optimistic

We are still optimistic that Indonesian coffee exporters can still export their products to Egypt. The Egyptian government even made it easy for food commodity imports during the COVID-19 period. For example, to facilitate the release of goods at the port.

In addition, exporters do not need to validate export documents from the Egyptian Embassy in Jakarta or the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce by signing an agreement that guarantees the exported products originate from Indonesia.


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