The Most Famous Indonesian Coffee Sumatra Region

The Most Famous Indonesian Coffee Sumatra Region

The Most Famous Indonesian Coffee Sumatra Region

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  • On December 19, 2020
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If you are looking for a full-body, earthy, and herbal cup of coffee, you can’t go wrong with a typical Indonesian coffee or South Seas. Due to differences in harvesting methods as well as varying times in processing downhill for the final grind, you can expect to find a little more variability in taste among different coffees from the Indonesian Region. Try each one and see what you like the most!


Follow it to try South Seas Region coffee

Many Indonesian coffees, (especially Sumatra), use a unique process called wet milling (or wet milling) to process the coffee cherries into green coffee beans. This process results in a heavy, sweet body without much brightness or acidity. We will discuss processing methods in more detail in a future article, but for now, let’s just say that this particular processing method for Indonesian coffee can make for an attractive cup.

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Organic and Conventional Sumatra

Sumatra is Indonesia’s most famous coffee because it was popularized by well-known coffee franchises. We offer Organic and Conventional Sumatra, as well as Decaf! So, there’s something to suit all tastes! Our Organic Sumatran Gayo is available in Medium Roast, and French Roast.


(French Roast is Dark Roast Coffee). Our Conventional Sumatran Mandheling is a medium roast; It features mild and whole body acidity. As we select only the best coffee beans (whether organic or conventional), and roast our coffees in small quantities, our single-origin Sumatran coffee will have the freshest and strongest taste. Big Name coffee brands do not compare.


Roast Sumatran Coffee

If you’ve tasted Sumatran coffee before and enjoyed it, you must try Organic Timor. Also available in French Roast or Medium Roast, Timor is known for its deep flavor profile and a sturdy body. It makes for a rich cup, and you won’t be disappointed with the earth depth and medium / low acid profile.

We can’t say it’s the best coffee in the world, but only because individual tastes are so different! Some people like unpretentious Indonesian coffee, while others prefer the citrusy aroma of South American coffee or single origin African fertility coffee. Others, however, prefer to drink only the typical mix.

Procedure for exporting coffee from Indonesia to overseas

Carrabassett Coffee Company

I always say, right here at the Carrabassett Coffee Company offices, that trying to describe the taste is like dancing in color. You can compare, but to really understand the distinctive taste of Indonesian coffee, you have to try it!

By bringing quality Indonesian coffee beans to the global market, Global Coffee Indonesia is a part of the solution in promoting Indonesia commodities and community empowerment.

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