Enjoying Mandailing Coffee a Very Global Taste of Arabica

Enjoying Mandailing Coffee a Very Global Taste of Arabica

Enjoying Mandailing Coffee a Very Global Taste of Arabica

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  • On March 5, 2021
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Sumatera is well known as one of the best coffee-producing regions in Indonesia. For coffee lovers, they must be familiar with the best types of coffee produced in this area, one of which is Mandailing Coffee. This coffee is widely produced in the Mandailing Natal area, North Sumatra.

Mandailing Natal is indeed a coffee-producing area that has been running since the 1800s. Historically, coffee plantations in Mandailing Natal originated from the forced cultivation system used by the Dutch East Indies government.

Tanagodang Cafe Specialist Mandheling Coffee in Jakarta

Unique Method of Making Process

Reporting from the coffee land.co.id page, the unique method used in the production of Mandailing Coffee produces a distinctive taste and aroma. Giling Basah is the name of a traditional coffee-making process in Sumatra that involves grinding parchment from a bean with a moisture content of about 50%.


Low Acidity

Reporting from the Sasamecoffee page, the low acidity level with a floral aroma and sweet aftertaste is a character of Mandailing Coffee. The combination of sweet and sour taste is not too high this is a favorite of people who like to drink coffee but have sensitive stomach problems.


Floral Scent

Another distinctive feature of Mandailing Coffee is its fragrant floral aroma. This fragrant aroma then makes it often used by several roasters or coffee shops to make house blends.


Not only produced at Mandailing Natal

Mandailing coffee is widely grown in Simpang Banyak village, Ulu Pungkut District, Mandailing Natal.

However, this coffee is not only produced in the area. Some inland Sumatra, such as Tapanuli and Pakpak, also produce quality Mandailing Coffee.

Enjoy the Legendary Mandheling Coffee from Sumatra

Penetrating International Market

Mandailing Coffee trademark has been well known in the international market. This coffee is widely known by coffee connoisseurs in various parts of the world. Mandailing coffee is already in demand by international coffee outlets such as in Japan, the United States, and Europe.


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