Facts about the Increasing Coffee Industry in Indonesia

Facts about the Increasing Coffee Industry in Indonesia

Facts about the Increasing Coffee Industry in Indonesia

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  • On December 1, 2020
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The proliferation of coffee shops in several major cities in Indonesia could indicate that the presence of coffee in Indonesia is currently popular. This stems from the increase in the coffee processing industry in the archipelago. The increasing of the coffee industry, so that making your own coffee is part of the lifestyle of most people today. If Indonesian coffee is successful in popularity overseas, of course, Indonesia will be better known in the eyes of the world.

Coffee as Culture and Local Wisdom of Indonesian Society

Many say that coffee activities in Indonesia began to become a trend when the 2014 Indonesian film “Philosophy of Coffee” appeared, even though the habit of coffee in Indonesia is no longer a new thing.

Even coffee itself is often used as a symbol of harmony. In the past, “coffee” was often said to be the activity of parents. But nowadays, with the number of modern cafe businesses, finally drinking coffee has become something that is widely practiced by various groups of people, from teenagers to adults.

Of course, with this coffee drinking trend, many parties have been helped, especially from the business and industry side. Many people dare to open a food and beverage business, with coffee as one of the mainstay menus. Apart from that, from the farmer’s point of view, many of them are well-off given the quality and prestige of Indonesian coffee beans which always occupy the top position in the world.

Domestic Production, Export, and Consumption of Coffee in Indonesia

Here are some facts about the increasing coffee industry in Indonesia.

Experiencing an Increase in Consumption of Coffee Products up to 7% Per Year

The Indonesian government has reportedly provided tax facilities in the form of income taxes for new types of investment, particularly in the coffee processing industry. This facility is given to several areas outside the island of Java.

Apart from that, the Minister of Industry, Airlangga Hartanto also said that the government had also applied the Indonesian National Standard (SNI) to instant coffee. This regulation has been effective since 17 January 2016 last year.

The Government Implements Customs Tariff Harmonization

Minister Airlangga also added that the majority of export activities for coffee products from Indonesia were instant coffee, extracts, concentrates, and essence. Meanwhile, the distribution of exports for this type of coffee has reached various countries such as Egypt, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines, and also Singapore.

As for the harmonization of import duty rates for exports, the government has increased it by 20%. These rates are for sangria, instant, powder, and mixed coffee types. The goal is to create a conducive business environment for the country’s coffee industry.

The government will assist the Small and Medium Industries specifically for Coffee Processing

The Ministry of Industry is optimistic about the country’s coffee processing industry. he said that this industry has a great opportunity and must be developed. In Indonesia itself, our society has a low number for the category of coffee consumption.

This figure is still much lower than in other countries that also import coffee. An example is the United States, which can import up to 4.3 kilograms of coffee per year. Moreover, Norway with 10.6 kilograms and Finland up to 11.4 kilograms per year.

Spread of Coffee in Indonesia and Imports of Coffee from Indonesia

Indonesia Continues to Support the Coffee Industry for SMEs

From the aforementioned factors, the Indonesian government has indeed taken the right steps. The government will continue to support the coffee processing industry, especially for SMEs. That way, authentic coffee comes from various regions in Indonesia, it will be easier to be known to foreign countries. Export activities will also increase.

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