Coffee Association: Best Indonesian Coffee in the World?

Coffee Association: Best Indonesian Coffee in the World?

Coffee Association: Best Indonesian Coffee in the World?

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  • On January 26, 2021
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Many Indonesians claim that Indonesian coffee is delicious. However, do the citizens of the world also agree on that? Not necessarily. You might say that domestic coffee is the best in the world, but you haven’t tasted coffee from other countries.

So, how can you consider Indonesian coffee the best in the world?

Therefore, the Indonesian Specialty Coffee Association (AKSI) in collaboration with the Alliance for Coffee Excellence (ACE) is holding the Cup of Excellence Indonesia 2021 in November.


Enjoy the Legendary Mandheling Coffee from Sumatra

“ACE is a collection of certified world cuppers to assess objectively, standards, coffee is truly curated or selected independently and there is an audit team as well,” said the Chairman of AKSI, A. Syafrudin at the Sumatra Prestige Cup 2021 press conference.

The event will assess coffee from all over Indonesia, starting with the Sumatra Prestige Cup 2021. This is a coffee bean hunting project that aims to find the best green beans belonging to Indonesian coffee farmers.

Through this pilot event that will take place from February 15, 2021 – March 15, 2021, Indonesian champion coffee beans will be strictly selected and sorted for delivery to the world premium coffee market.

The Sumatra Prestige Cup 2021 is the first competition in Asia that will comply with all competition rules, cupping and protocol standards pioneered by the Cup of Excellence (CEO) program, an event to search for the best of the best coffee beans in the world, since 1999.

Starting from the selection of coffee quality, warehouse, implementation, and financial audit processes to exporting the winning coffee beans, they are guaranteed to meet COE standards. The Sumatra Prestige Cup 2021 will provide an early opportunity for coffee farmers from Takengon, West Aceh to compete.

According to Michael Utama, the Sumatra Prestige Cup 2021 Coordinator, the selection of Takengon as the venue and target of the project is because the harvest season is close to the competition calendar.

“Apart from that, based on our research, Takengon can be said to be the most prepared coffee-producing area, both individually as a farmer and the condition of his plantation,” he said.


The Characteristic of Fragrant Coffee Flowers in Mandheling

“At that time, all Indonesian coffee which we call eastern coffee, coffee from Java, Bali, Flores, Toraja, and even Papua, will jointly test again, because eastern coffee is already the harvest season, and we will determine the best coffee in 2021, “said Syafrudin.

Indonesian coffees will be judged by 12 domestic judges, and 12 international judges from ACE. Over the years, ACE has trained hundreds of cuppers and this has helped develop valuable skills for the local coffee sector.


Contact and Information

By bringing quality Indonesian coffee beans to the global market, Global Coffee Indonesia is a part of the solution in promoting Indonesia commodities and community empowerment.

  • Address: AKR Tower 16th floor, Jalan Panjang No.5, Jakarta, Indonesia
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