Unique Global Flavors! These are the Characteristics of Lintong Coffee

Unique Global Flavors! These are the Characteristics of Lintong Coffee

Unique Global Flavors! These are the Characteristics of Lintong Coffee

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  • On February 23, 2021
  • Characteristics of Lintong Coffee

These are the Characteristics of Lintong Coffee. Indonesia is one of the coffee-producing countries in the world with various varieties, such as Lintong coffee which is a variety that is popular with the public and is the best coffee in Indonesia. This coffee comes from North Sumatra, to be precise in the Humbang Hasundutan district. The characteristics of Lintong coffee are known to have a distinctive and unique aroma and taste.

As a coffee lover, it feels incomplete if you don’t try the sensation of enjoying this coffee. Lintong coffee is also often used as a typical souvenir from North Sumatra. Before tasting it, it’s good to know the characteristics of this coffee. Come see the reviews below.

Story of Lintong Nihuta Coffee Farmers Entering the US Market

Characteristics of Lintong Coffee Beans

So the characteristics of Lintong coffee can be seen from the coffee beans, where this Arabica coffee has a bean size of 6.5 mm. Lintong coffee beans are known to have a smooth texture and a strong smell. So that this type of coffee is one of the most popular coffees in the community.


Taste of Lintong Coffee

This coffee from the land of Sumatra is known for its unique and distinctive taste, Lintong coffee itself has a thick and soft nut or chocolate flavor. This coffee also has balanced acidity and good consistency and is paired with the chocolate flavor with a little spice.


The aroma of Lintong Coffee

Lintong coffee has a unique and distinctive aroma blend. The herbal aroma with a mixture of spices makes this coffee very distinctive. No wonder Sumatran coffee is widely circulating in the international market.


Content in Lintong Coffee

As one of the best coffees, this coffee has many advantages. The content in Arabica coffee is a very high acidity level. The level of acidity is what makes coffee aroma fragrant, so it’s no wonder that Lintong coffee is very popular with many people.

Excellence in the processing of Lintong Arabica Coffee from Sumatra

Quality of Lintong Coffee

Good quality coffee is usually determined from the planting to the processing process. The processing of Lintong coffee is carried out using wet hulling or wet processing. This processing method has been used in several regions in Indonesia to produce the best coffee. This Lintong Arabica coffee also goes through a drying process to get maximum results.

Those are some of the characteristics of Lintong coffee from North Sumatra that need to be known. Its delicious and unique taste makes this type of coffee favored by coffee lovers in the world. Now you don’t need to go far to the island of Sumatra to enjoy it, Global Cofee Indo has provided a wide selection of specialty coffees from all over the archipelago. Don’t hesitate to try it!


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