Delicious and Best Indonesian Packaged Coffee Latest Reviews

Delicious and Best Indonesian Packaged Coffee Latest Reviews

Delicious and Best Indonesian Packaged Coffee Latest Reviews

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  • On January 30, 2021
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My version of the best-packaged coffee is the most delicious and can make you literate. Although the caffeine content is not the highest what is important is not expired. Want to know the best-packaged coffee brand in Indonesia?

Easy Ways to Get the Best Packaged Coffee

On the market, there are various brands of packaged coffee that you can try. The emergence of these various brands is related to the increasing number of coffee lovers in the country. Coffee companies, producers, and sellers do not waste this opportunity and they also sell packaged coffee under their own brands. Given that there are many coffee brands on the market, it could be that you are confused and difficult to make choices.

Coffee Association: Best Indonesian Coffee in the World?

Read Coffee Lovers’ Reviews

To get delicious packaged coffee the easy way is to read packaged coffee brand reviews written by coffee lovers and connoisseurs. They usually write about their experience of enjoying a coffee when they try sachet coffee, be it mix coffee or ground coffee.


Try Your Own Coffee

Each person’s tongue is different so that the taste when enjoying the same brand of coffee can have different opinions. For those of you who are learning to taste coffee, the easiest way to find out whether a packaged coffee brand is good or not is to try it directly.

We need to reiterate that there is no guarantee that all packaged coffee products have good taste. You need your own tips to get the best-packaged coffee.

Delicious Packaged Coffee Brands in Indonesia

Enjoying a good cup of coffee in the morning will give you satisfaction. For your consideration in determining the best coffee choice, please read the following review of packaged coffee brands.


1. Cap Jempol Ground Coffee 

Like robusta coffee? If so, then you should try Cap Jempol coffee. Although this brand of ground coffee is not very well known, its taste quality deserves a thumbs up. Many coffee lovers call Jempol stamp ground coffee one of the best and tastiest Robusta coffee brands so it deserves to be recommended.

Cap Jempol’s robusta coffee is authentic coffee from Lampung, which is made from the best quality selected coffee beans. Its unique taste and aroma can pamper the tongue of coffee connoisseurs.

In order for the aroma and taste to be maximized, you should follow the rules of use when brewing coffee. Instructions for use are listed on the packaging label (back). The important point lies in the temperature of the water for brewing, which is 70 degrees Celsius.


2. Kapal Api Coffee Special Silver 

Brand (brand) Kapal Api Coffee is very familiar in Indonesian society. This old brand often displays advertisements on television screens, YouTube, and social media such as Instagram and Facebook. Kapal Api coffee variants are quite diverse. Therefore, it is natural that Kapal Api is known as one of the best coffee producers in Indonesia.

If you want the best taste of coffee from this legendary brand, then you can try the Special Silver Ground Coffee variant. The taste and aroma of this coffee variant are enough to pamper a coffee lover’s tongue. You can buy Kapal Api coffee at the nearest warung, minimarket, and supermarket.

There are various ways to enjoy coffee. There are people who prefer to enjoy the bitter taste of black coffee. There are also those who like sweetness. If you want sweet coffee, then you can add enough sugar. Our advice, use low-calorie sugar.

Kapal Api coffee is also suitable to be enjoyed with creamer or milk. The addition of creamer will change the taste and texture of the original coffee so that it is thicker and brownish.


3. AAA Nefo Coffee

If you want to taste the best quality authentic Jambi coffee, you can try the AAA Nefo branded coffee. Coffee connoisseurs give positive reviews of this authentic Jambi coffee. They say smell and taste good.

The guarantee of the quality of the Nefo AAA brand coffee can be seen from the certificates from various certification bodies such as halal MUI, BPOM, and SNI. For those of you who are looking for halal, delicious, and nationally standardized coffee, AAA Nefo Coffee is the best choice for you.

You can brew this original Jambi coffee with added sugar, milk, and creamer. Just adjust it to your taste. This warm coffee is suitable to be enjoyed in the morning or in cold weather. Reportedly, this coffee can be enjoyed cold by adding ice cubes.


4. Excelso Arabica Gold

Coffee Excelso Arabica Gold coffee is one of the best robusta coffee recommendations for those of you who like sour taste with a strong aroma. Excelso coffee packaging makes the product look of prime quality. The one-way valve feature keeps the coffee quality in check.

Robusta coffee with a strong fresh aroma is maintained with a one-way valve. This valve will release excess gas in the package and block outside air from entering the coffee. This coffee can still be enjoyed with sugar and without sugar.


5. Nescafe Green Coffee Blend

If you are reviewing a well-packaged coffee brand, then Nescafe is definitely on the list of the best coffee. Nescafe’s delicious coffee variant and many coffee connoisseurs recommend


6. Nescafe Green Coffee Blend

This Nescafe packaged coffee is a mixture of two types of coffee, namely green coffee (green coffee) and roasted coffee. The combination of these two types of coffee creates a unique quality taste and aroma of coffee. The antioxidant content in green coffee makes this coffee brand good for health.

The way to serve Nescafe coffee is quite easy. Mix Nescafe coffee grounds with sugar and creamer. Then, add hot water. Delicious warm coffee is ready to drink. You can add ice cubes if you want to enjoy cold coffee.

Best Indonesian Coffee and become an export commodity

7. Gayo Vintage Wild Coffee 

For those of you who want to enjoy coffee but have gas or ulcer problems, then you can drink Luwak coffee. Fermented coffee in the Luwak’s stomach has a low acidity level, making it safe for digestion.

One of the best Luwak coffee brands is Gayo Vintage Wild. Reportedly, this civet coffee has undergone fermentation for a long time. The taste and aroma of this coffee are very delicious.


8. Good Day Coffee Cappuccino 

Good Day is a coffee brand that is very familiar to Indonesians. Advertisements for this coffee brand can easily be found on television and billboards.


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