Best Indonesian Coffee and become an export commodity

Best Indonesian Coffee and become an export commodity

Best Indonesian Coffee and become an export commodity

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  • On January 28, 2021
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Well, all of you must already know that there are so many different types of Indonesian coffee that are already known. Each type of Indonesian coffee has a distinctive taste that attracts coffee lovers around the world. If you are a coffee lover, this discussion of various types of Indonesian coffee is perfect for you, bro. Immediately, you can see the various types of Indonesian coffee that are okay.

Flores Coffee

Flores, East Nusa Tenggara, is one of the best destinations in Indonesia with amazing beauty and natural wealth. With its natural wealth, the Ngada plain in Flores produces Indonesian coffee that is distinctive and known to the world. It’s an open secret, how great and delicious is coffee from Flores.

Coffee produced from the Ngada plain in Flores is Arabica coffee. Coffee growth from the Ngada plain thrives due to volcanic ash from volcanoes. The sensation of fruit aroma with the addition of tobacco after drinking is the trademark of this Indonesian coffee.


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Gayo coffee

Coffee which is produced in the Gayo highlands of Central Aceh is a type of Arabica coffee. According to international studies, this Indonesian coffee has a distinctive taste, making Gayo Coffee the most preferred compared to Arabica coffee grown in other regions.

Indonesian coffee which has this distinctive pleasure and aroma was awarded by the international community, Fair Trade Certified as a form of appreciation for Gayo Arabica coffee being the best coffee in the world. Gayo coffee which is exported to various countries is a promising commodity for one of the country’s revenues.


Kintamani coffee

Not only is it known for its natural beauty that has won the hearts of world tourists, but Bali also has great coffee. The Kintamani area in Bali is the home of coffee plantations that produce coffee with distinctive characteristics. The enjoyment of Kintamani coffee is validated by a coffee expert named Asher Yaron who was reluctant to leave the Island of the Gods because of the coffee.

Indonesian coffee from the Kintamani Mountains coffee plantation has pleasure and freshness that is second to none, bro. Simply put, this Indonesian coffee from Kintamani has flavors mixed with unique fruit flavors. This is because the coffee seed planting system is mixed with various vegetables.


Civet coffee

This Indonesian coffee is the target of coffee lovers around the world, one of which is because civet coffee is produced with a unique process. The process of producing coffee beans taken from the remaining civet or civet droppings makes production very limited and very expensive to enjoy this cup of civet coffee. Until today, civet coffee is recorded as the best and most expensive coffee in the world and adds to the list of the best types of Indonesian coffee in the eyes of coffee lovers around the world.

The history of the creation of this civet coffee is in the Dutch era, where farmers were prohibited from tasting the coffee they planted. Until one day the farmer saw the Luwak eating coffee beans and it turned out that the mongoose could not digest the coffee beans it ate. Seeing the civet droppings that still left the coffee beans, the farmers were curious to taste the coffee they planted. They boil the coffee beans from the remaining civet droppings, and it turns out that it produces a distinctive high-flavored coffee taste.


Sidikalang coffee

The next best Indonesian coffee is Sidikalang coffee which has a super distinctive taste, making it the main rival of Brazilian coffee. Sidikalang coffee has a characteristic of the smoothest texture among other types of coffee in the world.

This Indonesian coffee is very popular with coffee lovers both from Indonesia and abroad. According to coffee experts, the characteristics of Sidikalang coffee are obtained from the combination of climate and soil environment in the Bukit Barisan area with an altitude of 1500 masl. Sidikalang is one of the three best coffee-producing areas in North Sumatra.


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Toraja coffee

There is no doubt about the fertility of Toraja’s soil, which is proven by the production of the two best types of coffee in the world, namely Toraja Arabica Coffee and Robusta Arabica Coffee. This Indonesian coffee grows in the Toraja Mountains of South Sulawesi.

The difference between Toraja Arabica and Robusta Arabica coffee is in the caffeine content, Indonesian coffee has a high acidity level. The main characteristic of this Toraja coffee is its unique earth element taste. This unique taste is what makes it one of the Indonesian coffees favored by coffee lovers, both local and international.


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