The Best Indonesian Coffee Beans Have a High Export Value

The Best Indonesian Coffee Beans Have a High Export Value

The Best Indonesian Coffee Beans Have a High Export Value

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  • On November 19, 2020
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Indonesia’s Best Coffee Beans – Since ancient times, coffee has indeed become a favorite beverage for many people in the world. Besides being able to be enjoyed by various groups, coffee can also be a friend to accompany us at every opportunity. Whether it’s just to start the day or to accompany a chat with friends, coffee is always a chat decoration.

The same thing happened in Indonesia. There are so many coffee lovers in Indonesia. Because of the love of Indonesians for coffee, there are so many types of coffee that are scattered throughout the archipelago. Even when we travel around Indonesia, there are always different blends of Indonesian coffee in each region. Well, t-mates, are you a true coffee lover? If so, you should try some of the best Indonesian coffees below.

Domestic Production, Export, and Consumption of Coffee in Indonesia

Rows of the Best Tasty Indonesian Coffee Beans

1. Aceh Gayo Coffee

Aceh Gayo coffee is the first best Indonesian coffee that you should know. As the name implies, the best coffee in Indonesia on this one comes from the Gayo highlands in Southeast Aceh. Aceh is currently arguably one of the coffee-producing regions in Indonesia. Even in Aceh itself, two types of coffee are being cultivated, Arabica, and Robusta.

Aceh Gayo coffee is Arabica coffee. Not only does it have a distinctive taste and aroma, but this type of Indonesia’s best coffee also has several properties. One of them is to ward off free radicals and maximize the body’s metabolism.


2. Javanese coffee

Not only rich in culture and also the center of Indonesian people’s activities, but Java Island also has a lot of quality coffee. Java coffee has long been known to have a quality that is well known to foreign countries. Even the name Javanese had become a name that was always identified with quality coffee.

Javanese coffee has a different taste from Sumatra or Sulawesi coffee. Javanese coffee is made in a wet (wet process) at an altitude of 1400 meters above sea level and is of the Arabica type. Unlike coffee in general, Javanese coffee has larger beans, is not too acidic, and tastes a bit thick. If you want to taste this Javanese coffee, Jampit and Blawan coffee can be an option.


3. Flores Bajawa coffee

Flores Bajawa coffee is also the original Indonesian Arabica coffee that you must try. Planted in the highlands of Flores, this makes Indonesia’s best coffee beans have a quality that cannot be underestimated. Not only is the location still beautiful, but the coffee-making process has also become a native of Bajawa for generations.

Like Arabica coffee in general, Flores Bajawa coffee also has a fruity aroma. This coffee has a nutty aroma and smells a little like caramel, with medium acidity.

Analysis of International Coffee Export Development in Indonesia

4. Wamena coffee

Continuing to eastern Indonesia, Papua also has the best coffee in Indonesia that you must taste. Although less well known, Wamena also has high-quality coffee. Not only is it becoming known domestically, but this type of Indonesia’s best coffee is also becoming known in various countries.

Only in Wamena coffee, you can find the sensation of Arabica coffee aroma which is a little spicy but sweet like caramel. The texture of the best Indonesian coffee beans is also softer than other Arabica coffees in Indonesia. Currently, this coffee has “upgraded” to become Wamena’s top commodity, and has become a popular drink in Wamena. And most importantly, this coffee is produced from a natural process without chemicals, you know.


5. Luwak Coffee

Who doesn’t know this one coffee? Luwak coffee is indeed one of the legendary coffees produced by Indonesia. Founded in the 1700s, the best quality of Indonesian coffee is not only popular domestically, but also worldwide. In fact, it is not uncommon for this coffee to be included in several scenes in Hollywood films. One of them in a film called The Bucket List.

However, you still have to be careful because a lot of this coffee is being faked. Authentic Luwak Coffee smells like pandanus and can smell up to many meters away. Meanwhile, fake civet coffee usually smells musty.


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