The best coffee in Indonesia is in Meepago Papua Region

The best coffee in Indonesia is in Meepago Papua Region

The best coffee in Indonesia is in Meepago Papua Region

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  • On January 22, 2021
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Indonesia is the largest coffee producing country after Brazil and Vietnam. The diverse taste of coffee makes Indonesia a paradise for coffee lovers. Imagine, from Sabang to Merauke, coffee flourishes throughout the archipelago.

Apart from Gayo Aceh coffee, East Indonesia also has coffee that is no less delicious. One of them is Moanemani coffee from Meepago, Central Papua. Precisely in Dogiyai Regency between Deiyai, Paniai, Intan Jaya, and Timika Regencies, this legendary coffee originated.

This Arabica coffee from Meepago has a strategic location. Dogiyai is the trans-Papua route that functions to support the economy of the surrounding region.


The Best Coffee Beans in Indonesia Are Exported Abroad

The origins of Meepago’s Moanemani Coffee

Moanemani coffee became famous in the 1970s. Initially, the coffee came from Ugapuga Village, Dogiyai. Because it did not thrive, a pastor from the Netherlands, Henk Smith, moved him to the Modio parish yard.

The spread of this plant cannot be separated from the Dutch colonial program. Brother Jan Sjerps, a Dutch missionary, became a leader in Papua coffee cultivation. At that time, he and Ordo Fratrum Minorum (OFM) planted 1000 coffee seeds in the YPPK Middle Schoolyard. Today, the location is known as the center of the Dogiyai Coffee plantation.

Brother Jan Sjerps’ persistence paid off. The government has been eyeing his efforts to care for Dogiyai coffee. Since then, the seeded coffee is known as the Dogiyai specialty.

His journey to care for Moanemani coffee has many twists and turns. He and local residents and boarding children take care of the coffee plantation in earnest. In fact, he asked the boarders to put their feces in cans to be used as fertilizer.

Not only caring for plants. Brother Jans Sjerp also conducted socialization on coffee plants to the local community. Until 1988, Moanemani coffee entered its golden age. Coffee is famous throughout the archipelago as a typical Moanemani coffee, Papua.


Moanemani Coffee Past and Present

The glory of Moanemani coffee did not last long. In the 2000s, his name began to fade. This is due to a lack of maintenance so that productivity decreases. As time went by, it was hard to find this coffee.

Quoting from Kabarpapua, there are at least 5 reasons this coffee is no longer famous. These reasons include: Lack of information about planting, maintenance and good harvesting, management to local Dogiyai coffee farmers, Dogiyai coffee market areas, no coffee processing, bridges between Dogiyai villages have not been connected, to the capital factor.


Indonesia’s Best Coffee Enjoys Recognized in the World

In 2016, this coffee started to be heard again. The Community Welfare Development Foundation (Yapkema) is the driving force behind the rise of Moanemani coffee. Yakima’s director, Hanok Herisson Pichai, said that he saw a bright prospect from the coffee.

“The marketing process for coffee, locally and nationally, continues to grow, this is evidenced by the proliferation of coffee cafes in various places, such as in Nabire, this is the reason we encourage coffee production by farmers.


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