The Best Coffee Beans in Indonesia Are Exported Abroad

The Best Coffee Beans in Indonesia Are Exported Abroad

The Best Coffee Beans in Indonesia Are Exported Abroad

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  • On January 18, 2021
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Apart from being known as the tourism sector with tourist destinations that offer beautiful views, it turns out that Indonesia is also known as one of the best coffee bean producers in the world. In fact, most of the coffee beans produced in various regions in Indonesia are exported abroad and become favorites.

To coincide with National Coffee Day on March 11, 2020, Global Coffee Indonesia tries to summarize the six best coffee beans in Indonesia that have gone global. Here are six Indonesian coffees that are well-known and much-loved in the world.


Aceh Gayo Coffee

Aceh Gayo coffee is the most popular coffee in the world. In fact, this type of coffee is the coffee most exported by Indonesia. Aceh Gayo coffee, which is a type of arabica coffee that grows at an altitude of 1,000-1,200 meters above sea level. Moreover, the Gayo area has indeed become one of the international coffee commodity areas. Even though there are so many, these coffee plants are easily found on the side of the road.

The distinctive taste of Aceh Gayo coffee has high acidity, so the resulting aroma will be very strong. As for taste, this coffee has a bold or sharp taste. This coffee bean seems to be liked by Japanese people.


Enjoy the Legendary Mandheling Coffee from Sumatra

Toraja coffee

Toraja coffee from the island of Sulawesi is also no less favorite with Aceh Gayo coffee, even this coffee is very popular with people from the European continent. The taste character of this coffee taste is quite thick and tends to be very bitter. However, it has low acidity. Toraja coffee has two types, namely robusta, and arabica.


Kintamani coffee

In addition to its pool area and beautiful scenery, this area in Bali has coffee beans that are quite popular in the world. Kintamani coffee is a type of Arabica coffee because it grows at an altitude of more than 1,000 meters above sea level. Most of the coffee plantations in this area are located near Mount Batur.

This coffee has a taste that tends to be fruity or a fresh taste where you will feel there is a fruity taste in it. For those of you who don’t like bitter coffee, this type of coffee can be an option because it is not too bitter but has a strong aroma.


West Java coffee

West Java coffee is now a trend because this coffee is a combination of various types of coffee beans grown in the West Java region. Starting from Malabar Coffee, Pangalengan, and other coffees combined with the name West Java. In the past, the name West Java Coffee itself was not widely known because of the lack of even no promotion that raised this name.

Even coffee traders use other names such as Aceh coffee or Sumatra coffee, which are more popular and known to the public. This coffee began to be exported to the world in 2012. Continents whose export destinations include Europe and America. There, West Java coffee is a favorite.

With various types of coffee in West Java, most of them are Arabica coffee. With a characteristic taste that tends to be sweet, but the level of acidity is quite high. West Java Coffee has won the SCAA (Specialty Coffee Association of American) coffee competition in 2017 with the origin of coffee from Mount Puntang.


Papuan coffee

The eastern region of Indonesia is also one of the global coffee producers in Indonesia. The different taste makes this typical Papuan coffee bean unique. These different flavors depending on the processing process, from fermentation to roasting to brewing.

For taste, Papua coffee tends to have a floral aroma with moderate acidity. In addition, the resulting coffee beans have a slightly sweet taste.

This type of Papuan coffee is Arabica coffee. This is because Papua has many highlands that are suitable for growing Arabica coffee. The higher the soil, the better the yield.


The Characteristic of Fragrant Coffee Flowers in Mandheling

Sumatran coffee

Ever know what types of coffee are available and used by the famous coffee shops in the world of Starbucks? Starting from coffee from Colombia, Ethiopia, Kenya, to coffee from the island of Sumatra. Of the many coffee beans, Sumatra coffee is a favorite. Sumatran coffee is claimed to have the most balanced character with a very thick coffee taste. In contrast to American coffee which tends to be light, and Africa which has coffee that is too floral or fruity.

The characteristics that distinguish these Sumatran coffee beans are that they are very suitable and suitable for a mixture of other ingredients such as sugar or milk. Even though it has been mixed with these ingredients, the taste and aroma of Sumatra coffee are not lost.

Those are the 6 best coffees in Indonesia and have become world export commodities. Which one do you like?


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