Aceh Gayo Coffee with Its Distinctive Taste and High Value

Aceh Gayo Coffee with Its Distinctive Taste and High Value

Aceh Gayo Coffee with Its Distinctive Taste and High Value

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The plains of Sumatra are indeed very famous for the greatness of their coffee plantations. Because of the attractive coffee flavor characteristics, coffee in the Sumatran islands is the world’s most preferred.

Coffee from the Sumatran plain is best known for its spicy and low-sour taste, which accentuates a strong dark chocolate flavor with a floral aroma from wet soil. Many hearts of coffee lovers are attracted and always echo in their longing for coffee.


Aceh Gayo Highlands Nature

The famous Central Aceh Mountains in the Gayo Highlands are beautiful pine mountains. This is an inland place that is not a city, but which we can reach by land. There is Lake Tawar which is surrounded by towering hills located in the middle of Takengon town which is a very beautiful attraction.

A small group with their own ethnicity and linguistic style gathered here as if it was their heavenly home. Even though it is included in the interior, it turns out that there are many people, highly educated scholars here.

Indonesian Coffee Exports to Egypt Continues to Increase 21%

Gayo has its own dance called the saman dance, a typical Aceh culture. In the past, the saman dance was used as a da’wah medium to spread messages in Islamic teachings. This dance reflection contains education, religion, manners, heroism, solidarity, and togetherness.

UNESCO officially recognized the saman dance as a tradition originating from Aceh on November 24, 2011. Of course, this is an effort to realize cultural heritage in the world. The ASEAN Tourism Association (ASEANTA) called the Saman dance the best effort to preserve ASEAN culture at the 25th ASEANTA Award for Excellence 2012.


Green Bean or Gayo coffee beans

Green Bean is the most famous legacy. Visitors from various countries will have no trouble getting Gayo coffee on the menu of coffee shops and restaurants. The specialty coffee here comes from the Gayo highlands in Central Aceh, where farmers grow it organically.

These smallholder plantations in the highlands which are dominated by farmers are located in three districts; Central Aceh, very busy, and Gayo Lues. The traditional plantations cover 48,500 hectares, 7,000 hectares, and 39,000 hectares respectively.

Central Aceh itself is located in one of the Bukit Barisan mountains, stretching across the island of Sumatra. The area has a cool climate with the beauty of the famous Lake Laut Tawar. The lake is surrounded by thousands of hectares of vegetation, mostly coffee, and pine.

Prospects of Indonesian Coffee Exports in the International Market

Historical Background of Gayo Coffee

During the colonial period, the Dutch introduced coffee to the Gayo region and opened coffee plantations in a professional manner. Due to the large demand on the world market, the Netherlands made commodities “products of the future”. Thus the local people began to grow coffee on limited land. In 1924, Dutch and European investors began to dominate Central Aceh by filling up coffee, pine, tea, and vegetable plantations.


Then in 1933 13,000 hectares of land were planted with coffee and became a valuable commodity for the Dutch to be sent back to Europe. The Dutch brought in workers from Java to increase the production of coffee, pine, and tea in the Gayo highlands. This is because the Central Aceh tribe consists of the Gayo, Javanese, Batak, Karo, and Acehnese tribes. In some areas, such as Beneur Meriah, the majority of Javanese have worked there.


History of Gayo Coffee in the Dutch Age

During the postcolonial war, Dutch-owned plantations were neglected and taken over by the local population. Today, the beauty of Dutch plantations has been lost, leaving only its name and history for the Gayo people.


A village called Bergendal in Gayo reminds us of the Dutch presence there. This name comes from the Dutch language bergen en Dalen which means mountains and valleys. The village is situated on the slopes where the Dutch started their coffee plantations, and the local villagers still continue to produce high-quality coffee.

The most famous coffee shop in Central Aceh is even called Warung Kopi Bergendal which offers rich-flavored coffee specialties at affordable prices.

Spread of Coffee in Indonesia and Imports of Coffee from Indonesia

Gayo coffee is a world commodity market

The entry of Gayo coffee to the world commodity market is due to its distinctive taste and high value. The delicious aroma and less bitter taste are the hallmarks of this Gayo Arabica product, superior to the taste of Blue Mountain coffee from Jamaica.

Amir Hamzah, Head of the Gayo Coffee Research Agency, said that Gayo Arabica coffee cannot be obtained from other places because of the uniqueness of the type of soil in the highlands. Weather conditions and an altitude of 1,200 meters on the plantation also play an important role as they are both aspirations for growing coffee.


By bringing quality Indonesian coffee beans to the global market, Global Coffee Indonesia is a part of the solution in promoting Indonesia commodities and community empowerment.

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